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Single Pre-configured Cross-platform Mobile Solution

Single Pre-configured Cross-platform Mobile Solution

How RapidValue partnered with Brocade to mobilize their workforce across multiple business units with a single pre-configured cross-platform solution?

Brocade, a multi-billion dollar communications company based in San Jose, California was looking to create a single seamless, integrated mobile experience for multiple back-office functions including HR, Expense Management and Invoice Management.

However, the out-of-the-box Oracle mobile application didn’t work due to three major hindrances:

  • The Oracle apps didn’t integrate with Oracle modules that were customized.
  • Single sign-on across multiple solutions wasn’t available.
  • Oracle apps required each business function to be a separate app.

Instead of creating and integrating multiple custom mobile apps for each core business function, Brocade partnered with RapidValue to implement a unified mobile solution using eQuipMe™, a RapidValue solution suite, pre-integrated with Oracle.

RapidValue accomplished this by providing three key service offerings:

  • Unparalleled value through the creation of an app that could handle multiple systems.
  • Single sign-on across all business functions.
  • Speed to market.

“This solution by RapidValue significantly reduced the effort needed to create a seamless cross-platform experience. We went from no solution, to a highly effective solution in less than 4 months. As we have been working together for some time now, we appreciate the flexibility that the RapidValue team has shown while developing and implementing our cross-platform application.”
–Brocade Project Team

Single Pre-configured Cross-platform Mobile Solution

We integrated multiple business functions and technology systems into a unified, easy to use mobile experience.

RapidValue was able to create a mobile experience that was holistic, conclusive, and included everything Brocade needed to incorporate through this single mobile app. The end results were very effective. Due to the need for multiple systems, integration was complex. There were multiple integrations that RapidValue provided. One of the major needs was finding a way to manage workday integration and HR tasks. This was paired with other important departmental tasks such as Expense Management, and Approvals (PO and PR approvals). Brocade also needed to integrate with Salesforce to expedite their CRM, contacts, and lead opportunities. Salesforce wasn’t the only integration required, however. They also utilized another application, called Taleo, that needed to be integrated to help HR with the job posting process.

Lastly, the RapidValue team was able to set up Microsoft Calendar, Business Suite, and an image recognition program to make sure everything the Brocade team needed to accomplish could be managed in one central place. In order to make sure everything within the mobile app worked flawlessly, RapidValue approached this project with a four-phase approach. Each phase took about 4-6 weeks to complete, allowing enough time to get to know the exact needs of Brocade and work with their team to roll-out development in the most effective and time-conscious manner possible.

Single Pre-configured Cross-platform Mobile Solution

We got to market in 4 months and made their business more efficient.

If Brocade went the normal custom application route, it could have easily taken 12-16 months to design, develop, and integrate with the Oracle Suite. Companies such as Brocade who utilize Oracle out-of-the-box, but don’t have the ability to customize it, typically need to work with an outside provider to help with flawless integration. Given the competitive nature of their verticals, these companies usually must work around certain time restraints in order to get to market before their competitors. RapidValue understands these needs and takes them seriously, as evidenced by their ability to help Brocade have a viable solution in only four months. Using their in-depth knowledge of how these functions work, they were cognizant of go-to-market strategies and the need for cutting-edge security and technological solutions. The success of RapidValue’s work with Brocade stems from RapidValue’s implementation of their eQuipMe™ Solution Suite. With this solution, Brocade has been able to decrease approval time from 1-5 days to just 2-4 hours. Brocade also saw a significant improvement in compliance, thanks to the eQuipMe™ solution.

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