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Choosing the Right HTML5 Framework to Build your Mobile Web App


The mobility sector was mainly dominated by native technologies (Android and iOS applications) until the rise of HTML5. For a web developer to build mobile applications can be challenging with variety of platforms to choose from and technologies to learn. HTML is known to be an easy to learn and fast to implement technology, and has the maximum number of web applications to its credit. However, when HTML5 was released by the World Wide Web consortium, it came along with an added advantage in the mobility domain i.e. cross-platform capability with a single code base. The native technologies demand a higher cost to market, since it consists of SDKs and IDEs, and require a higher learning curve for each device platform. HTML is a well-known technology to most of the in-house developers and the enterprises can start entering the mobility sector right away.

HTML5 technology though gaining momentum quickly is still not quite ready to be used for complex web applications, particularly line-of-business applications. Many frameworks built on HTML and JavaScript are available to enable easier development. However, the web/desktop applications differ from the mobile applications. The device capabilities and usability are a major factor while developing a mobile application. The common questions which most of the enterprises have in mind, before building mobile applications are which technology framework to choose to build their first mobile app and what factors to consider in making the right choice.

Here is a whitepaper by RapidValue Solutions on this topic. This paper provides a guide for developers and solution architects to understand the different software architecture patterns, HTML5 frameworks available to build mobile apps, pros and cons of these application development frameworks and elements to consider for selecting the right framework, while making a decision to build mobile web apps. Click here, to download our whitepaper.

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