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Want to Optimize Your Cloud Cost?
Let Us Show You How - at No Cost to You.

Moving on-premise workloads to Cloud or developing Cloud-native applications using IaaS/PaaS/SaaS might provided immediate cost benefits.  However, any Cloud migration project requires continuous monitoring and analysis to ensure your costs remain optimized and you are getting the best out of your Cloud resources. 

Our 30.20.10 Cloud Cost Optimization offering will help you optimize you Cloud workloads as well as provide a high level road map to speed-up your Cloud-first digital transformation initiatives. Our certified Cloud experts will assess your current and future computing needs and develop a plan to help you achieve cost savings greater than 30% on top of your current monthly spend. There is no upfront cost or investment required from your side. This engagement’s outcome pays for itself – An outcome-based gain share of 10% of the recommended cost savings annually.

Our Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Provisioning Cloud Managed Services

Setting and monitoring service attributes so that your excess capacity is kept to a minimum and your Cloud performance is maximized for the end users.

Cloud Resource Rightsizing

We will identify the unused resources within your Cloud environment and enable you to use the lowest cost resource that still meets the technical specifications of a specific workload.

Optimizing Cloud Architecture

Our certified Cloud experts will architect your applications for the Cloud leveraging Serverless Architecture and Cloud-Native Application Development services. We leverage the Auto-scaling feature to help you scale up/down as per your business demands.

Selecting Right Purchasing Options

We will help you choose the appropriate purchase options out of different purchasing models provided by the Cloud Platform. This will allow you to use services and resources in the most cost-effective way that suits your business needs.

Optimizing Data Transfer

Architecting for data transfer to minimize costs. This may involve using CDNs to locate data closer to users, or using dedicated network links from your premises to Cloud or between Cloud Managed Services.

Matching Supply and Demand

Ensuring that service provisioning matches the demand for those services at the time they are needed, thus eliminating the need for costly and wasteful over-provisioning of Cloud resources.

Geographic Selection

Selecting the appropriate geography for all or subset of Cloud Managed Service being used in the workload/application to minimize cost.

Governance, Budgeting & Tracking

Configurations for usage and expenditure awareness, budgeting, tagging, measure, monitoring, improving forecasting and predictability.

Our Cloud Cost Optimization Process
A 20-Day Deep Dive Into Your Current Cloud Strategy

Day 1-10

Day 11-20

Business & Cloud Infrastructure Landscape

  • Identifying vision, goals & objectives.
  • Identifying key stakeholders.
  • Scheduling discussions & interviews.

Server & Database Infrastructure

  • Reviewing the infrastructure for application & database.
  • Analyzing the computer, networking, storage & region.
  • Reviewing security & compliance.

IT Process & Application Portfolio

  • Understanding the alignment of business & IT process.
  • Identifying opportunities to rationalize /modernize.
  • Reviewing the technology standards & constraints.

Performance Monitoring & Metrics

  • Suggesting performance metrics.
  • Analyzing metrics data across CPU, I/O, Bandwidth, Memory for each application.

Governance & Program Management

  • Assess project lifecycle processes & IT policies.
  • Cloud organization & account governance.
  • Reviewing the governance, budgeting, tracking & monitoring.

Cloud Cost Optimization Deliverable

  • Final round of discussions.
  • Draft review with key stakeholders.
  • Final recommendations.

Our Cloud experts will help you decide exactly what you need, how to budget for it, and how you will reach the end results - all at no added cost. There is no upfront cost or any consulting fees for this program. This no-charge engagement outcome pays for itself. We follow an outcome based gain share approach, wherein you pay us 10% of the recommended cost savings, achieved annually.

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