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Machine Learning & Cognitive Services

As per industry research, by 2018 around 50% of consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing almost on a regular basis. Enterprises across industries have started integrating cognitive capabilities to decrease costs, enhance efficiency, and boost revenue. Cognitive technologies powered by machine learning, real-time computing and artificial intelligence are helping enterprises create new business opportunities.

RapidValue helps enterprises infuse advanced intelligence into their products, solutions and applications using cutting-edge cognitive technologies. We help clients in crafting cognitive strategies and identifying key business areas to implement automated business operations and processes.

Key Offerings

We enable businesses realize the multitude of opportunities possible by integrating the power of cognitive technologies into their products and services.

  • Enterprise Cognitive Strategy

    Digital Transformation Roadmap | Innovation Workshops | Industry-aligned PoCs

  • End-to-end Engineering of Intelligent Products & Applications

    Product Development | Solution accelerators | Continuous Integration & Deployment

  • Smart Process Transformation

    Robotic Process Automation | IoT | Artificial Intelligence | Chatbots

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Machine Learning

Advanced Analytics. Deeper Insights. Faster Decision

We provide enterprise-grade machine learning capabilities to enhance existing and build new business processes with intelligent algorithms.

  • Processing high-volume data
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Predictive analytics based on historical data
  • Adaptive analytics to respond in real-time

At RapidValue, we have been investing deeply in artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies, and many of the solutions our customers experience are driven by machine learning capabilities. These solutions learn continuously and provide critical business insights. We work with industry-specific AI platform partners to deliver innovative machine learning solutions and services.

Automated Underwriting Decisions in Seconds
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Automated Underwriting Decisions in Seconds

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