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Convergence of Mobile Technology and the Healthcare Industry


At any time when health costs appear to be spiraling out of control, mobile technology is one area politicians, medical practitioners, and entrepreneurs are looking into. With continuous innovations in mobile technology and increasing awareness amongst the healthcare providers, it can be noticed that mobile technology will have a larger impact on the health care industry than on any other.

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There are a number of areas where mobile will play a vital role in healthcare industry.  In a recent report – Future of Physician Media, released by New York based firm Manhattan Research, found:

  • Tablets, mostly iPads, are mainstream: Physician tablet adoption for professional purposes almost doubled since 2011, reaching 62 % in 2012, with the iPad being the dominant platform. Furthermore, one-half of tablet-owning physicians have used their device at the point-of-care.
  • More screens, more access: Physicians with three screens (tablets, smartphones and desktops/laptops) spend more time online on each device and go online more often during the workday than physicians with one or two screens.
  • Physician-only social networks stagnant: Adoption of physician-only social networks remained flat between 2011 and 2012. Additionally, the study found that physicians reach out more frequently to and are more influenced by colleagues they formed relationships with at school or at work than peers who they first connected with online.
  • Online video widely used: More than two-thirds of physicians use video to learn and keep up-to-date with clinical information.

While U.S. physicians currently use mobile devices primarily to access clinical content and perform quick tasks, they will significantly expand the range of activities they conduct on mobile devices by end of 2012 to include administrative functions, learning and patient care.

Another report published by Information Week Magazine – ‘Healthcare IT 2012 Priorities Survey’ explain, when it comes to mobility of clinicians and the devices they use, over the last year one of the biggest changes has been the spike in tablet usage 66% of healthcare provider respondents in 2012 said iPads and other tablets were being used as computing devices for medical purposes.

Mobile Devices Medical Doctors

How are clinicians using mobile devices? – Mostly common activity is to access patient data (82%), followed by communicating with other providers (62%) and using the devices for accessing decision support and business intelligence tools (47%).

Medicine and Mobile

Mobile Trends to re-shape healthcare industry in 2013 

There remain few challenges still. To begin, some patients do not know how mobile devices can help them improve upon their health. If providers and developers are able to tackle the issues within the industry, patients and doctors will be able to benefit immensely. But things are definitely changing – based on research and survey results it seems clear that mobile technology and the health care industry will continue to converge.

You will notice growth in mobile health, telemedicine, clinical analytics, and personal health records in 2013. And Mobile Health segment will offer the most promise in this industry.

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