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Making the Transition from Desktop/Web Application Development to Mobile Application Development


Mobile technology is constantly evolving. And many desktop/web developers (and their organizations) are eager to participate in the mobile revolution.

RapidValue has been approached many times by desktop/web developers and CIOs, asking if they can transfer their existing desktop skills (or those of their staff) to mobile application development. We’ve created this paper to help them get started.

This paper provides a guide for enterprise desktop developers who are interested in becoming mobile developers. The paper examines the main technologies that desktop developers use today (Java, .NET and HTML) and various mobile development technologies (mobile web applications, native apps and cross-platform development frameworks. The paper also addresses the migration path depending on a developer’s current skill set and the mobile platform(s) you want your applications to run on.

In many cases, desktop/web developers already have a strong foundation to become successful mobile developers. We’ll look at the additional skills and knowledge they need to acquire, the differences between developing for desktop and mobile environments, as well as the requirements for specific platforms. We’ll also examine resources that are available to help your desktop/web developers make a smooth and cost-effective transition.
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