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DevOps is one of the most popular trends that is getting increasingly adopted by enterprises to accelerate software development. DevOps offers greater agility and operational efficiency by bringing in automation. It enables business to build and deploy continuously improving efficiency and time-to-market.

RapidValue follows Agile and DevOps processes for most of its project engagements. From building DevOps roadmap and strategy to automate the software release management, RapidValue can help you across your DevOps journey. Our customized solution accelerators and pre-built, ready-to-use, reusable artifacts help you to accelerate your product development process. We have standardized processes, templates, guidelines and checklists for helping you take the right first step towards your DevOps transformation. Our DevOps solutions and services bridge the gap between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations thereby enabling you achieve faster app releases, while improving operational performance drastically.

Awards & Recognition

Computing DevOps Excellence Awards
Best DevOps Transformation

Major Contender in Software Product Engineering PEAK Matrix
Major Contender in Software Product Engineering PEAK Matrix

US Technology Elite Awards 2018
Best Digital Transformation & DevOps Solution Provider

Gartner – 2018
Included in Competitive Landscape: Agile and DevOps Services (Jan 2018)

DevOps Engineering Solutions

DevOps Maturity Assessment

It is very important to understand where your organization is positioned on the DevOps maturity scale in order to set goals for DevOps and formulating a roadmap to achieve them. RapidValue helps you to quickly establish your current level of DevOps maturity and the assessment assists you in identifying strategies and approaches for improvement areas.

End-to-end DevOps Implementation

Our experts ensure a complete understanding of your culture and DevOps environment. We provide a complete range of end-to-end DevOps services and focus on the areas critical to you, starting from the assessments to implementation. We strive to identify your unique challenges and determine the right solutions for you following the implementation of useful methodologies

Continuous Integration

Delivery teams competing in the digital world have to move faster and more efficiently to compete. Continuous Integration is an important enabler and RapidValue helps your team incorporate Continuous Integration into your delivery processes so they you can identify problems sooner, deliver faster, and focus more on new innovation.

Continuous Deployment

With Continuous Deployment, RapidValue aims to minimize the manual tasks and adopt a unified pipeline that will integrate and deploy tasks as and when they happen. By enabling CD, we automate the repetitive tasks and focus on actual testing thereby, improving the organization’s overall productivity.

Infrastructure & Environment Management

RapidValue provides automated provisioning and configurations. We take utmost care when it comes to software release management along with, scaling up/down of servers as per your business demands. Infrastructure and Environment management involves the management of infrastructure, applications, tools, processes and day-to-day operations that improve agility, automation and leads to faster time-to-market.

Continuous Integration & Delivery Framework

Continuous Integration improves quality, reduces risk, and establishes a fast, reliable, and sustainable development pace. After the developers integrate code into a shared repository several times a day, each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early. By integrating regularly, you can detect errors quickly, and locate them more easily. Our proven DevOps framework helps enterprises achieve Continuous Integration enabling faster app releases.

AccuRate – Test Automation Accelerator for DevOps

The presence of too many platforms and different screen sizes is challenging for developers and testers to release bug-free apps, on time. Moreover, additional resources are required for writing different scripts for iOS and Android device platforms. This isn’t an efficient way to test applications. With this in mind, RapidValue has implemented an Automation testing framework for developers and testers to enhance app release. AccuRate is a next-gen test automation solution accelerator for DevOps, enabling organizations to go-to-market quickly, while assuring continuous quality. AccuRate is an all-in-one solution for test automation across various mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Web) and desktop browsers in real-time. It includes 600+ pre-built functions for mobile and web automation leveraging open source tools like Appium, Selenium and Protractor.

Agile Product Development

Agile is a powerful tool for engineering product development. It not only provides process and efficiency benefits to the development team, but several business benefits to the organization as a whole. In today’s fast-evolving business world, Agile engineering methodologies are getting increasingly adopted by enterprises to quickly respond to market opportunities, improve productivity and reduce cost. Agile is able to break down different processes and methodologies, keeping the free-flowing nature of a technique at its core. RapidValue has a large pool of highly experienced agile professionals and certified scrum masters who continuously work to incorporate frameworks and best practices to accelerate software development. At RapidValue, more than 90% of development engagements are executed leveraging agile principles. 

DevOps Benefits – Accelerating Software Delivery

Enterprise across industries have realized the significance of DevOps for facilitating product management and development cycles and enhancing security and application reliability. Before the DevOps movement took place, teams within IT like Operations, Development and QA were somewhat siloed but now, DevOps bridges the gap between development and operations teams and addresses the challenges of today’s timeline for application development. DevOps is considered to be a set of business-driven practices that provides rapid and reliable software delivery, providing business value to customers in an efficient manner. It is used to improve collaboration between all stakeholders from the planning stage through delivery and automation of the delivery process. 


Improves the Deployment Frequency

Continuously deploying with DevOps increases release frequency. It reduces the implementation time of new solutions from months to minutes.


Achieves Faster Time to Market

DevOps organizations can deliver with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation. There is faster delivery of features with improved communication and collaboration.


Improved Delivery Framework

DevOps provides an automated environment and enables continuous feedback. There is an increase in sales that gives you more stable operating environments. You have Continuous Delivery with less complex problems to fix and fewer failures.


Ease of Operation

Faster resolution of problems and more time to focus on high-value features. More time to innovate (rather than fix/maintain) and less complex problems to fix, fewer failures.


Cost Saving

DevOps ensures that money invested in cloud infrastructure, analytics and data management are not wasted. It saves costs on maintenance and upgrades, and eliminates unnecessary capital expenditure.


Promotes Better Communication

DevOps is an operational philosophy that promotes better communication between Development and Operations, cross-practicality and better working relationship. It manages and facilitates better communication between the two business units.


Increased Productivity & Team Performance

With Devops, you can create high-quality releases through automation while standardizing processes for easy replication and faster delivery. It improves quality, reliability and reusability of all system components.


Cultural Benefits

Several cultural benefits that include happier and more productive teams, higher employee engagement and greater professional development opportunities.

Q&I Process Migration using Microservices and DevOps
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Q&I Process Migration using Microservices and DevOps

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