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Digital Business Value = ACE (Agile Connected Engaged) Enterprise


Digital Business Strategy

Everyone acknowledges the Digital Imperative, the fact that digital has brought a disruption and everything has been or will be affected: Customer, Partner, Employee, Products, Competition.

Every industry has started leveraging Digital to harness various values provided by it.

The Digital Way 

Before starting on the digital transformation journey, it is very important to understand the values derived by making business DIGITAL. This understanding is essential for building a business case, getting stakeholders buy-in and getting resource allocated for the transformation journey ahead. Most importantly, this understanding helps in coming up with a refined transformation strategy by choosing what is applicable for achieving respective enterprise’s business goals.

The following figure depicts the various values provided by Digital Business:

Digital Transformation Services

Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation – Imperative for Business

Making your business Digital will help you in building that competitive edge moat from competition and disruptive forces. Those who are able to embrace digital will survive this disruption and those who do not they will be victim of Digital Darwinism or will get Uberized. It is time to start or if already started to accelerate on the transformation journey to become an ACE (agile connected engaged) Enterprise.


Avinash Thakur

Practice Head – Business Consulting, RapidValue



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