Re-imagining Insurance in the
Evolving Digital World

Digital Transformation
for Insurance

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Today, a new wave of disruption led by technologies like AI, RPA, IoT and Machine Learning are forcing insurers to innovate and introduce new products and services at an unprecedented pace. With self-driving cars hitting the roads, usage-based predictive insurance is bridging the gap between driving behaviors and premium rates, helping auto insurers cut costs and better assess their clients’ risk levels. RPA and Chatbots have reduced claims processing time from days to seconds. Other insurance segments like Property & Casualty, Life Insurance are also responding quickly to these market trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Having worked with leading insurance firms and emerging insurtech companies, RapidValue is well equipped to develop and deploy innovative digital solutions that enable insurance companies to achieve a competitive edge. Our products are designed to integrate with multiple business systems which are already used by the company. We deliver ROI driven, end-to-end strategy and solutions with a key focus on operational efficiency, increased ROI and highest quality of customer services.

Digital Services and Solutions for Insurers

We help insurers digitally transform key functionalities across the customer life cycle.

Key areas where we help insurers:

  • Updating, running and operating a modern IT system and infrastructure.
  • Optimizing support functions through digitally enabled teams.
  • Better pricing and improving fraud detection through the application of modern legacy systems.
  • Lower reserve volatility and establishment of more accurate reserves.
  • Product optimization through automation.
  • Automation of claims management.
  • Transforming and enhancing sales processes through digital.

Insurtech Solutions


Insurtech is reshaping the entire insurance landscape bringing in new opportunities as well as challenges. Several emerging insurtech players are continuously innovating to gain the first mover advantage. Whereas some of the established and leading insurance companies are re-inventing themselves to stay ahead of the game.

RapidValue has rich experience of working with leading insurance firms and emerging insurtech players. Our deep domain expertise combined with end-to-end product engineering skills help companies achieve faster time to market.

RapidValue’s InsurTech Center of Excellence involves a cross-functional team of business consultants, architects, designers, developers and testers to implement a holistic solution. We help financial services firms leverage the power of new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and help them improve business efficiency and customer experience.

Intelligent Process Automation for Insurance

New age technologies like RPA are transforming the core of the insurance business improving productivity and business efficiency and reducing operational costs. RapidValue has formulated a proven and structured approach to build RPA solutions for the insurance sector. It includes building a proven roadmap, selecting the right tools, platforms and people, creating PoCs and setting up an operating model for designing, developing and deploying automation solutions faster. We help insurers achieve next levels of process efficiency, operational cost savings, speed and accuracy, with innovative intelligent process automation solutions.

We are glad to have RapidValue as our mobility partner. They demonstrated a strong understanding of our requirements and process driven approach, which enabled strong project execution and on time delivery. Through this partnership with RapidValue, we are able to provide our customers with an exceptional mobile experience.

Kevin Moriarty, Assistant Vice President - Online Strategy
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