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Re-shaping the Healthcare Industry with Digital Technology

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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Breakthrough technologies and digitization have impacted almost every industry in the past few years. We have also, started to witness a sweeping digital transformation that has been brought in the healthcare industry. With the adoption of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Consumerism, Customer Relationship Management and Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare is reaping significant benefits.

Due to the accelerated change, most of the healthcare organizations are recognizing the importance of digital transformation and slowly piloting new programs, methodically. The healthcare sector has realized that integration of organizational capabilities and leveraging data to drive better decisions are not sufficient to stay ahead of the competition curve and improving quality. There is a need to implement new technology systems and platforms that can deliver value, solve business challenges, and transform the traditional business models for healthcare.

What we Offer

RapidValue provides unmatched solutions and services which are essential for the optimization of digital transformation initiatives while assuring critical service performance to the healthcare industry. It strives to empower health care organizations to safeguard critical health care services and deliver high-quality patient care while simultaneously optimizing its digital value chain. This helps patients to have better access to quality doctors and quicker wellness.

RapidValue realizes that to deliver continued improvements to the world’s health, healthcare will need to be transformed, with digital playing a central role. Based on our in-depth knowledge and best practices, we use technology to transform care. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Providing rich user experience through a simple, easy-to-use app.
  • Improving communication among physicians and patients.
  • High-scalable solutions to support thousands of users.
  • Assuring the highest quality user and patient experience.
  • Reducing time spent resolving service problems.
  • Improving ROI with savings, potentially in millions.

Key Applications

Our applications are implemented for some of the leading hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, healthcare providers and clinical laboratories.

  • Collaboration solution for physicians and patients
  • HIPAA Compliant Enterprise Directory
  • Field service management solution for sample collection
  • Personal Health Management Solution Integrated with Wearables
  • User Engagement solution with Chatbots (ECHKO) & Gamification
  • Customer Relationship Management for lead tracking

Healthtech Center of Excellence

RapidValue’s Healthtech Center of Excellence brings forth digital experts and solutions that provide significant benefits derived from digital transformation while adopting new technologies which help to deliver secure, high-quality patient care and drive greater business efficiency. Digital transformation brings positive changes and we are continuously striving to innovate by leveraging new technologies thereby, driving down costs and improving patient outcomes in healthcare.

  • Driven by intuitive products and networked systems, the changes are infusing healthcare with a sense of immediacy, agency and personal touch that patients have always demanded.
  • Electronic health records (EHR), digital imaging, e-prescription services and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are among the digital services that have been integrated into the extensive IT systems of many healthcare organizations.
Digital Transformation Healthcare Services & Solutions
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