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Driving People Performance using Self-Service Mobile HRMS


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A lot has been spoken about the proliferation of Smart phones in the industry, and it is apparent that enterprises across the globe are implementing a strategy for mobile applications to power their operations. According to research, 50 % of CXO’s of major enterprises got mobility charted in their immediate “To Do List” and this is substantiated by Gartner analysis that “25% of enterprises will have Enterprise App stores by 2017” (Gartner, 2013). Most enterprises are encouraging their employees to use their own device and to adopt BYOD. Companies which are planning to mobilize their business process can easily turn out their most important function “Human Resource or People Management” into mobile.

What makes HRMS as one of the front runners in Enterprise Mobility?

Most organizations maintain optimum employee strength for carrying out business operations, which means that employees have enough workload during regular work hours already. Applying for leave or submitting daily time sheets are considered as over-load (even though its simple to carry out). Most employees keep them pending till the last date or report in bulk, which at times can lead to inaccurate reporting. Employees may also forget to enter reimbursement details since they are too engrossed in their work during regular hours and extremely tired from work to login from home after regular hours.This calls for demand for a mobile application for self-service HR activities which the employees can access from anywhere at anytime like in an airport or while shopping etc.

Furthermore, the adoption of BYOD and increase in smart phones makes Mobile HRMS as one of the easiest and quickest way for improving employee productivity. The fact that 38% of the enterprises are planning to stop providing company devices by 2016, catapults the implementation of enterprise apps including Mobile HR applications

How to choose the right HR functionality for mobile enabling your staff?

Human Resource management is a science with wide range of operational activities involved. The most difficult question is what all functions to choose initially for getting quick benefits of mobile HRMS. Some of the factors to consider in choosing the right functionality are:

  • Features which an employee accesses frequently
  • HR Operations which are most important for the employee on regular basis
  • Activities which an employee would like to perform outside the office

Based on the above factors we recommend enabling the following features/functionality in your mobile HRMS application.

  • Absence Management – Apply & Approve leave
  • Employee Profile & Directory
  • View and download paystub
  • Time reporting
  • Travel request & Re-imbursement

The features which can be implemented in phase-II are Recruitment, Learning and Career Management.

What technical elements you should consider to build a Mobile HRMS application?

The Mobile HRMS application will be used most times outside office premises. So it is imperative to consider the following parameters while designing the mobile app for your employees:

  • Simplicity – Design the app with simple user interface with minimum number of clicks and intuitive user experience. For Example, manager should be able to view team’s leave calendar and approve the leave in 2 or 3 clicks.
  • Offline Usage – The mobile HRMS app should be able to work offline and later should synchronize the data when data connectivity is re-stored. Many times you might not have data connectivity while you are travelling. Offline data access capability especially during this kind of situation is beneficial.
  • Local Data Storage – The mobile app should have a local database which will reduce the app login time and improve performance by reducing backend system interactions. It will also assist in offline mode usage.
  • Development Platform – It is better to use a cross-platform technology such as HTML5+, CSS +, PhoneGap. This will make it easy for you to run your application on multiple devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).
  • Push Notification – Enabling your employees to receive real-time notifications on leave approvals, time sheet approval etc.  will eliminate manual access and speed up process.

Mobile HRMS empowers employee productivity and morale through faster access to corporate data and improving efficiency. Moreover, the solution makes it convenient for employees to work from anywhere and stay updated on people management activities all the time.


Abhijit RC

Sr. Consultant – Enterprise Mobility


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