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Digital Product Engineering for the Education Sector

The rapid evolution of digital technologies has a significant impact on the education sector as it provides innovative solutions, new opportunities, maximizes efficiencies, increases collaboration and reduces costs. The educational sector has also progressed to become more competitive and digital transformation is now a necessary means of survival. The new digital world requires education providers to adapt and adopt digital technologies, methodologies and mindsets. Through digitalization of the learning experience, both teachers and students are able to improve their skills, with a common goal to create a more engaging and effective education process.

RapidValue has extensive domain expertise for the education sector across educational institutions (colleges, universities), education publishing, ISVs and EdTech companies to help you transform student experience, lower cost of acquisition, help increase enrollment and improve your time-to-market for any of your product development initiatives. The adoption of new learning technology will enable innovative solutions that promise to improve learning processes while enhancing the cost effectiveness of campus services.

Our Key Offerings

Student Lifecycle Solutions

End-to-end product development services to build solutions that help you manage the entire student lifecycle. Self-service functions powered by Mobile & Cloud, enabling students to access academic information through a secure online portal.

Learning Management Solutions

Developing scalable and automated information systems on Cloud, so that the faculty, staff, and advisors can obtain student information anytime, anywhere and seamlessly connect students and management thereby, improving relationships.

Dashboards & Analytics

Simplifying the journey of quality education and enhancing the learning experience by integrating analytics dashboard & reporting, powered by end-to-end BI & Analytics services.


Building multi-platform eLearning solutions for enhancing the overall educational teaching experiences both on campus and off-campus, with strong engineering capabilities and domain expertise.

Key Education Industry Segments

Education Providers

We have end-to-end digital product engineering expertise to help schools, colleges and universities chart digital strategies and leverage latest technologies to improve student outcomes.

EdTech & ISVs

Several EdTech firms, learning technology providers and ISVs in the Education sector have achieved faster time-to-market leveraging our dedicated Mobile and Cloud engineering team.

Education Publishers

We help educational publishers build products & solutions, which enable them to promote learning, including traditional course materials, digital content & online tools.

Professional Associations

We help educational associations, external certifying agencies build world-class mobility solutions leveraging our end-to-end digital product engineering capabilities.

Our Product Development Services

Application Development

We provide end-to-end application development services and solutions for the Education sector, creating systems & platforms that deliver highly effective instructional programs for holistic learning.

User Experience Design

Our dedicated design studio ensures user-centered design principles enabling you to have a seamless UI/UX journey and transforming the way learning is imparted to the students.

Enterprise Integrations

We enable seamless integrations by leveraging technologies like Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, MS Dynamics, Mulesoft etc. Our team is experienced in providing cross-platform and robust enterprise integration for the diverse Education ecosystem.

DevOps & Microservices

Our DevOps & Microservices-based approach allows continuous product development and planning, which help you launch high-quality education applications faster into the market.

Cloud Native App Development

Our certified Cloud experts help you to migrate legacy applications to cloud-native architectures and leverage the full potential of cloud-native capabilities, driven by AWS and Azure.

Support & Maintenance

RapidValue has a dedicated team of technical support experts to provide you with multi-level support. We help you 24/7 with any kind of query that you may have with regards to the applications.

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