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Emotionally Intelligent Assistants: How is it useful for your Organization?


Emotionally Intelligent Assistant

With all this talk of smarter devices, Intelligent Assistants will eventually become a key differentiator to make or break your business idea.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the use of algorithms to detect your emotions and thereby, provides necessary inferences in-line with those emotions. Emotional Intelligence can range from analyzing vocal tone, message, chat tonality; facial expressions etc. and provide reliable inferences based on these emotions.

Let’s take a simple scenario:

You have purchased some products with a retailer but have not received your order items past the mentioned delivery date due to some issue.  You initiate a chat conversation with the customer care to get the issue resolved. In the midst of the chat, the customer care executive provides some solutions which did not serve the purpose.  If there was an emotionally intelligent assistant who would be able to continuously learn and understand, anticipate and further extrapolate an understanding of your needs, the customer care executive would have been able to avoid such unpleasant circumstances.  The use of this assistant would help in analyzing your present mood, tone and personality traits and thereby, behave appropriately. The lack of this intelligence is what could cost an enterprise a loyal customer.

So do you think an organization can be satisfactory, but can they be the best and deliver beyond expectations? Yes, Emotional Intelligence can solve this problem.

Benefits of Emotionally Intelligent Assistant

Some of the benefits of using an Emotionally Intelligent assistant are as follows:

  1. Provides customers with a feel good factor of understanding the needs before they vocalize them.
  2. Helps customers in saving time by learning and anticipating the next need of the customer without the customer having to spell it out for them.
  3. Assists enterprises in understanding the success rate of certain efforts and adjusts them, accordingly.

Use Cases: Emotional Intelligence across Industries

Some of the use cases that we envision in using Emotional Intelligence in Enterprises across industries are:


  1. Retail stores can have feedback applications to record the customer feedback. These inputs can be used to understand the customer’s emotions and thereby, provide an appropriate response / offer to negate any negative experiences that a customer has been through.
  2. E-commerce retailers can use Emotional Intelligence to enable their customer service agents to respond in a manner that would be positive to the customer.
  3. Retail store staff can also, use software to analyze the facial expressions of customers in order to ensure the closure of a deal or the retaining of a loyal customer.


  1. The doctors can use Emotional Intelligence to understand the anxiety levels of visiting patients and try to put their mind at ease.
  2. The doctors can also, use Emotional Intelligence to help in the treatment of critically ill patients by understanding and analyzing their emotions and providing favorable responses.


  1. Financial Institutions can use the same to understand the emotions of potential customers and help in customer conversion.
  2. Financial Institutions can dispense loans to individuals based on their emotions and personality traits thereby, resulting in lower rates of defaulters.
  3. Financial institutions can pro-actively analyze their customer’s needs such as a person in need of wealth creation, a person interested in high risk and high return investments and suggest investment options which would be of value to the customer.

There can be endless ways to utilize Emotional Intelligence in our day to day lives as well. As Henry Ford said – “It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste”. Enterprises should be following the same and trying to get ahead by using Emotional Intelligence to their advantage while other organizations are in a rut.

What are your thoughts? Has your organization enabled Emotional Intelligence Assitant?


Alexia Andrews

Pre-Sales Consultant, RapidValue


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