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Digitally Equip your Sales Staff with In-Store Applications



The retail industry has undergone several and remarkable changes. From witnessing the revolutionary growth of online retailing to matching up with the social media marketing, the brick and mortar retail stores have survived it all.

The several research and studies, that are conducted, also, prove that the much hyped e-commerce could not stop the functioning of the retail stores. A recent retail survey from Timetrade reveals that 85% of consumers still prefer to buy  from physical stores. There may be a large number of online shopping sites with stellar user experience, but there are customers who still love to roam around in a shopping mall. There may be attractive discounts available in online stores, but there are customers who like picking up products  from their favorite brick and mortar retail store. The personal experience of a physical store is unmatched!

Digital Technology is Transforming the Retail Stores

In an era where customers are equipped with digital technology and awareness is more than  before, the retail industry has also, embraced the digital transformation. The smart retailers are using cutting edge technologies to improve the shopping experience of their customers. From digital product catalogs to digital media training for sales staff, retailers are making use of all technology advancements and making it turning them into their favor.

Digitally Equipped Sales Staff

Apart from equipping the store with technology, the retailers are focusing on equipping their staff also, with the digitalization. The friendly nature of the support staff leads to a pleasant in-store experience for the customers and helps to facilitate the trust factor. Also, the immense knowledge of the sales personnel about  each and every product in the concerned department improves the reputation. Now, how do you leverage this trust factor in the digital era?

Knowledgeable Staff

Retail Store

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Assume that you are in a book shop, how about having a staff who could give you a brief review about the book?

Imagine yourself in a mobile shop, how about having a sales representative who knows all the configurations and gives you a demonstration of the product instantaneously?

That’s the point. The knowledge of the sales staff plays a crucial role in the retail sales. Your sales force should have detailed and exact information regarding the products you sell.

Customers have lot of resources these days. They are already aware of  the product, and they have high expectations from the retail store employees. Digitally equipping the sales staff with training and resources will improve the awareness of the sales staff to a large extent. Sales training mobile application and digital product catalog will help in this case.

Know your customer – Use Case

There is a professional hair stylist, who is well known  and has many regular customers. The loyal customers  waited for him, when he took a vocational leave, in order to get the service done by him. When asked about how he retains and gains so many  customers, his answer was worth mentioning. He remembers each and every detail about his customers. Be it the hair style  that they have gone for in the past, their preferences and their style icons in the fashion industry – he can recollect every detail. He possesses all the information of his customers. Needless to say, customers are happy with the personalized treatment from this kind of staff.

Every retail store should  have an application that will show the customer’s personal information, previous purchases, their feedback, the wish list, time spent in the store and interaction detail. This helps the sales staff to get more familiar with the customers and serve them better.

Timely Response from the Sales Staff

Providing various digital solutions to the sales staff will improve their response time. This includes providing solutions to locate products in the store. An application to track ‘out of stock’ items and a system to locate the customer inside the store is always an advantage. A customer doesn’t have all the time in the world for shopping, a faster response from a sales staff is always a win-win for both.

So, retailers, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to embrace the change and digitally equip your sales staff.


Bisileesh PB

.Net Developer, RapidValue

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