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3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014 Conference


“I am pleased to get this opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual Mobile Apps 2014 held in Bangalore, India on 17, July’14. Organized on the theme of “An Era of Mobile Killer Apps in a transforming Devices Landscape” , the event was a congregation of the best of minds from the Mobility Enterprises, Developer community, Telcos as well as Industry Experts. Most of the topics were revolving around Enterprise Mobility, Quality App Design and Marketing of Apps. It was good to listen to Microsoft on how they are helping application developers on building solution on Windows platform and to listen to success stories from Opera and IBM.

The afternoon sessions included two interactive panel discussions on ‘Challenges and Opportunities on Application Development for developers’ and ‘Mobile ecosystem beyond 2014’. Both the panel discussions was an eye opener and it was good to know from the industry experts about the future of technology industry and where should one focus for developing apps in future. While Quality and Usability were give much importance in future ready apps, Mobile Health and Mobile Education should also be the new focus areas for developers to explore.

The conference highlighted the fact that mobile apps industry is experiencing an all time boom and is growing exponentially. App developers and organizations need to stress on innovations and setting the process of app building, to stay on par with the emerging trends. The industry experts emphasized more on developing a quality user experience, improving the performance of apps and exploring new industry verticals.

Overall, it was a great learning experience for me”.

– Shahjahan Tapadar

Technical Architect, RapidValue Solutions

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