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Forrester Event : Analysts and the Real Analyst Relations Challenge


“I got an opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by Forrester on Analysts and the Real Analyst Relations Challenge. The workshop session explained the nitty-gritty of Analyst Relationship (AR) programs through the lens of an analyst. Attended by professionals from various emerging companies, this workshop elucidated on how effectively and efficiently an organization can run its AR programs and benefit from them.

Forrester tracked around 25 briefings to find out what really happens in briefings and some of the key findings were discussed in this workshop. While briefings form an important element of industry AR programs, it is necessary to make the most out of your 30/60 mins presentation and establish the right connect with the analyst.

Some takeaways from the workshop:

  • When and how to use key AR tools -briefing, inquiry, joint webinar etc.?
  • How vendors must prepare for briefings that engage analysts better?
  • How analysts influence different stakeholders?

The workshop was very useful and informative.”

– Supratim Charaborty, Sr. Consultant – Marketing, RapidValue

Event by Forrester

RapidValue at the event, ITC Gardenia Bangalore on 26th May 2016

Forrester event

Session on ‘The learn-side and the earn-side of AR’
Challenges in Analyst relations

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