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RapidValue @ Google I/O Extended 2014, Kochi


“Google I/O is an annual technology focused conference held throughout the globe. We were extremely thrilled to be part of such a great atmosphere which was indeed an Innovation in the Open.  Google IO Kochi had over 75 attendees comprising of techies, CTOs and CEOs where we exchanged our ideas and practices in the company. The topic MBaaS delivered by RapidValue has sent ripples in all the mobility practices among the major companies in Infopark, with questions coming from all sides formally and informally. This has been a great value add for the company as we were able to show case our dominance in enterprise mobility.

We presented on “How MBaaS is Shaping up Enterprise Mobility Space”. We explained the concepts of MBaaS and how this can be a value add for Enterprise Mobility by pulling in a scenario where it could be used for Field Service Mobile App Development. The typical use case of developing backend functions like Chat, Geo location and Push notifications etc. using an MBaaS had sinked well with the audience in creating a clear understanding of the relevance of MBaaS to enterprise mobility. We did a demo for Google App Engine and Kinvey integration on real-time and it well appreciated by the audience.

Special thanks to our CTO, Rinish in guiding us with his insights. Next steps is to build up a technology focused group who can participate more in such events and help the company with new ideas.”

– Ajish Cherian & Abhijit R C.


Ajish Cherian, Technical Architect, RapidValue

Abhijit RC


Abhijit R C, Senior Consultant- Enterprise Mobility, RapidValue

Abhijit & Ajish

Abhijit and Ajish presenting on “How MBaas is shaping-up the Enterprise Mobility space”.

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For more details on MBaaS, please download the presentation.

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