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How Facebook ‘Shared’ Oracle Apps on their Employees’ Mobile Phones, Learn more at NorCal OAUG Training Day 2014


Learning from our experiences is a thing of the past and in today’s connected world the mantra is to learn not just from our own experiences but also from the experience of people around us.

In this sense, Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) has been constantly providing a platform for the user communities to come together sharing their Oracle implementation experiences. What might look like a tough challenge for a certain user might appear a cake-walk for another user who has faced a similar challenge in his past experience. While there are loads of information provided by the forums online, one can never take way the personal connect that users can develop during the collaboration events and training days. There is a lot that that the users can gain through such events, to get awareness on the latest technology trends, to see how those technologies are put to use by people sharing similar interests and to network with people who are working on those emerging technologies on a day to day basis. One such recent technology trend that is constantly bumping into the Oracle Community is the Enterprise Mobility or the concept of mobile-optimized Enterprise.

Historically, there have been just a handful of OAUG forums that have had sessions focused on Mobile applications for Oracle. The upcoming NorCal OAUG training day 2014 on 26, August in San Jose, California provides a unique opportunity for users to gain insights into the Mobile journey taken by a largest Social Networking site which also happens to be a leading Oracle EBS user.

Only time would tell, or users like you would tell, if it’s going to trigger a gradual shift in focus where OAUG sessions, that have traditionally focused on the Oracle App journey – which like talking about the past versus, to sessions on disruptive technologies like Mobile – which forms the Future!

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