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Live Update from RapidValue Team at the Citi Challenge Mobile U.S. 2014


“The magnanimity of the Citi event is worth-mentioning and the success story is far-reaching. About 800 companies, from around the world, participated in this Citi event. Out of the huge number of participants, the organizers had chosen only 50 companies, and RapidValue was one of them. This, in itself, is a great achievement. There were, approximately, 19 presenters who showcased their Applications/Solutions. The Citi Challenge was attended by the Press and many high authorities of Citi (people reporting to the CEO’s and also, the Head of Mobility Digital etc.).

The demonstration was effectively carried out and there were no glitches at all. Our solution was received well by the organizers and very much appreciated by the IBM employees, as well as Citi and other companies. Citi will be announcing the winners of the Challenge by the month of December 2014.

As for the Hackathon, it was a great event and achieved immense success. We got the opportunity to see many innovative banking solutions, presented by several well established companies, both Indian and the U.S. The Indian companies, which participated and presented their solutions, include the likes of Persistent Solutions and Infosys. Some of the solutions, that were presented, if implemented, would really revolutionize the way we carry out the banking transactions and also, improve our daily lives. We gathered a great experience, overall.”

– Kiran Elengickal, Director – Business Development, RapidValue

RapidValue team at the Citi Challenge Mobile U.S. 2014 at Miami, FL on November,14 2014

L-to-R–> Sagar S.K, Labeeb P and Kiran Elengickal

Demonstration and presentation of Innovative Credit Card Solutions by Mitek and RapidValue teams
RapidValue team at Citi Hackathon

At the Event

Citi Mobile Challenge - Picture


Behind the Scene – Other participants from RapidValue

Irvine office: L-to-R–> Dilip Chatulingath, Manasa Tumkur & Prashanth Sampath Kumar

RapidValue Irvine team for Citi Hackathon

Kochi office: L-to-R–> Prasil Lakshmanan, Vasanth C.V, Mouzmi P.S, Mubeena K.A

RapidValue Kochi Team for Citi Hackathon

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And to learn more about the solution, read the press release on Global Newswire.

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