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Melvin Thambi, Creative Director, RapidValue Shares his Insights at the Z LAB’s Session held at Houston, Texas


At a recently held session on Design, Art and Technology by Z LAB Global, RapidValue’s creative director Melvin Thambi shared his experience as a creative thinking partner for enterprises. The session provided a platform to learn about the paradigm shift in the design industry driven by the latest technologies, tools and processes.

Melvin’s presentation focused on five key factors which inspire him and make him an enthusiastic designer.

1. Think – Melvin discussed the ideas and thought process behind his projects. He explained the latest design process ‘Design Sprint‘ and how it helped him solve complex problems in his projects.

2. Inspire – He elucidated on the factors that inspire him to produce quality work, and he spoke about ‘‘, an app that provides curated design content for the designers.

3. Design – Melvin spoke about his design team RapidGems and how they handle design projects in RapidValue. He also mentioned some of the latest tools used for design, prototyping, animation & videos.
Main Design Tools – Sketch App, Adobe XD, other Adobe Tools, Invision Studio
Prototype, Design Systems, Animation & Video tools – InVision, Zeplin, Principle, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro

4. Art – Being an art enthusiast, Melvin spoke on the importance of art in today’s world and showcased some of his work and explained the tools that he uses for paintings & digital artworks. (Sample work for reference –,,

5. Share – Melvin presented some of his design concepts & projects through which he tries to share the value of design and art with design community spread across the globe. (Education App concept, Weather app concept, Abstracts, Emm & Enn )

“It was an interesting networking session. The audience included designer, technology and marketing professionals from different industries. It was great to share my experiences and my passion for design with peers from the design, art & technology world. The Q&A session was interesting and I answered some interesting questions. I also got an opportunity to network with few professionals in Houston.”
– Melvin Thambi, Creative Director, RapidValue

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