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So What Will Be The Buzz At HIMSS 12?


Starting today, we are heading out for a hectic week at HIMSS 12. At the conference we will showcase our industry leading capabilities and proven mobile health solutions at booth 13939 of the Venetian Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We hope to catch up with the latest trends and participate in discussions and knowledge forums to evolve sustainable and cost effective mobile health solutions in order to tackle challenges such as security, scalability and interoperability.

Below are a number of the key trends we expect to see at the conference:

mHealth trends: The single most important topic that will be discussed at HIMSS 12 will  be the transformational developments in mobile health technology. Acknowledging the rapid development in mobile health, HIMSS had created mHIMSS as a platform for all stakeholders within the global mobile community to drive positive, transformational change in health and healthcare through the best use of IT a few months back.  Mobile Health will be the largest topic that will be discussed in the conference this year. We expect to see an increasing number of global stakeholders from all facets of global mobile community who will be seeking an opportunity to demonstrate their innovative solutions for health care industry and practitioners.

Big data analytics: There will be a large focus on Big Data Analytics trends and their impact on health care industry. Mobile Health is adding to healthcare’s Big Data by capturing different types of data across departments and by multiplying ways it can be accessed and reused to improve health care delivery and efficiency. This will be of great significance as a growing majority is now depending on more than one service providers for their health care needs. There will be a lot of discussion on standardisation to ensure consistency in the collection, analysis and use of data which will require a lot of brainstorming on supportive infrastructure and technologies.

 Enterprise mobile applications: Until recently, a key focus of the health care industry was on mobile health consumer applications such as wearable devices and remote monitoring systems. At HIMSS this year, we anticipate a shift of interest from consumer apps to enterprise apps with thrust on security, scalability and integration. One of the key areas that would be discussed widely would be on how to effectively integrate and connect multitude of devices and applications to decision support tools and electronic medical records.

Standards and protocol in  mHealth: Standardisation will be a key area that will gain a lot of attention and pace at HIMSS this season. We are already hearing a lot of buzz around industry-led initiatives like ICD-10 and HiPAA 5010 codes which is poised to have a big impact on the efficiency of mobile health care applications.

Mobile solutions for remote health monitoring: According to a report from Berg Insight, 2.2 million patients worldwide were using remote medical monitoring services at the end of 2011 and this will reach a total of 4.9 million patient connections globally by the end of 2016. Remote Monitoring will be discussed widely as it will  be a topic of high interest for both physicians and patients.

Our featured Case Studies at the Conference will highlight how we have successfully partnered with various organizations in improving the operational efficiency and significantly reducing the costs.

A number of the Case Studies that we believe will be of interest to you include:

• RapidValue solutions which have helped EMR software vendors extend their current web / desktop based software on mobile devices like iPad / iPhone / Android etc.
• Practice management solutions deployed by RapidValue that have helped hospitals optimize physician scheduling and improve communication.
• Solutions from RapidValue which have helped organizations tablet-enable their legacy software in order for users to access them from their tablets.
• Mobile device management solutions which have helped organizations secure their data using mobile devices and help them remotely manage and control these devices from a central admin station.
• How RapidValue has partnered with leading hospitals and software companies in building point of care applications (mHMC) to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes

We will also be launching our latest White Paper on “Regulations and compliance for enterprise mHealth applications” at the Conference.

Please feel free to request for a meeting if you would like to collaborate in launching innovative mobile solutions to tackle health care challenges.

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