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Techathon – A Code Fest for Tech Enthusiasts


Techathon - RapidValue Event

Techathon is a Codefest/Hackathon, organized by ‘Falcons’, the technology group at RapidValue. In this Hackathon, programmers, application developers and others involved in software and hardware development collaborate, intensively, on software project development.

RapidValue’s Techathon is going to be held on 29-30, January 2016, at the Nasscom Startup Warehouse, Infopark, Kochi. All, interested to take part, are requested to register on the Techathon website. The registration is free of cost. There is a cash prize for the winning and runners-up teams. The winning team bags a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh, the first runners-up team gets Rs.50,000 and the second runners-up team gets Rs.25,000.

RapidValue’s Techathon aims to provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology. People with technical backgrounds (group of 1-5 members) come together, form teams around an idea, and collaboratively, try to code a unique solution. The solution should be based on M-Governance, Mobile, Social, IoT, Analytics and/or Big Data. These, generally, take shape in the form of websites, mobile applications etc. Candidates, who are shortlisted after the form submission, are eligible to participate at Techathon. Interested and chosen participants will get to Techathon, and, within a couple of hours, they get engrossed in a project with a motley group of people that they may have formed. Over the time span of 24 hours, they work with new technologies, bring together tons of code, and hopefully, finish what they set out to build. Despite the complete lack of sleep, the event promises to be addictive as it keeps you engaged. The objective is that, while working on a particular project, each developer will have the ability and freedom to bring their ideas to life.

“We are excited to host Techathon, that will bring in technical enthusiasts to showcase their creativity through technology. We are expecting this to be one of the largest hackathon events in Kochi. People with technical backgrounds come together as a team, and code a unique solution around Mobile, Social, Big data, Analytics, IoT and mGovernance. Through this event, we wish to create more entrepreneurs, by giving an opportunity to creative professionals, to bring their ideas to life.” – Rinish KN, CTO, RapidValue.

This event is supported by Infopark, Uber, Nasscom and Startup mission in Kochi, Kerela.


Grab a few friends and you can get going. If you are looking for a team, you can easily connect. Falcons, at RapidValue, are encouraging all to, virtually, meet new people and collaborate with those who may have different skill sets that they can bring to the table.

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For more information, contact:

Ajish Cherian, Sr. Software Architect, RapidValue

Phone: +91-86063 46969



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