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Webinar | Enterprise Mobile Applications: Capturing the new Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity


Oracle and RapidValue, jointly, is conducting a webinar on Thursday, 19 March, 2015.

The Live Webcast is on ‘Enterprise Mobile Applications: Capturing the new Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity’.

The agenda of the webinar has been set to provide an overview of the opportunities that lie ahead of the Enterprise Mobile Market and to learn about the challenges, which Oracle and RapidValue think prevails in the market today. There is also an overview of the Oracle Mobile Platform, Development and Go-to-Market processes.

In this webinar, Oracle will provide guidance to their ISV partners to help them in identifying good opportunities and delivering effective Enterprise Mobile Applications. Edward Zou, who is the Vice President of Product Management for Oracle Fusion Middleware, will present the overview of the platform capabilities. And he will give you a clear understanding of the Mobile Application Framework, the Integration with Enterprise Business Services, Data Security, User Security, Scalable Deployment and Management.

RapidValue is a leading provider of end-to-end mobility solutions to enterprises worldwide, specialized in mobilizing Oracle and other packaged applications. Rajesh Padinjaremadam, the President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RapidValue, is an entrepreneur, and an expert on mobility solutions and trends. He will share his experience of delivering various mobility projects that involved building mobile applications, for multiple business functions. The business functions include Field Service, Workflow Approvals, Procurement and Inventory. Rajesh will, also, present a video demonstration of building the ‘Order Management Mobile Application’ using Oracle MAF.

If you’d like more information about the webinar or on this topic, please write to:

Kavyanidhi Narayan, Sr. Manager – Marketing at kavyanidhin[at]rapidvaluesolutions[dot]com

or Srinivas Keshavalu, Channel Sales Manager at srinivas.keshavalu@[at]rapidvaluesolutions[dot]com

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