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Five Reasons: Why HR Applications should go Mobile?



Mobile has become an integral part of our life. To improve staff productivity and enhance customer satisfaction, most organizations have started to adopt mobile strategy into their business plan. This mobile trend is observed in every industry vertical and across divisions. Likewise, HR (Human resources) function in various organizations is moving on the mobility path.

This article addresses the five features and benefits of Self-Serve HR mobile application; we consider is advantages to enterprises.

1. ‘Absence Request’ Speeds Up the Approval Process
Enabling ‘Absence request’ feature, managers are able to view employee leave request and process it from any mobile device. Employees can also view full details of their leaves & apply for leave which is directly delivered to the manager for approval. With ‘push notification’ supported for this feature, allows managers to process pending requests instantly.

HRMS - Approve-absence














2. ‘Team Calendar’ Improves Collaboration

Enabling ‘Team Calendar” feature in the mobile application allows managers and co-workers to view other employees’ leave request. Full visibility into team’s absence, helps team collaboration and resource planning for any project.

Team-Calendar - HRMS













3. ‘Employee Profile’ Management Provides Flexibility & Convenience  

Ability to manage self-profile, contact details, qualification, competencies and other critical data from mobile from anywhere, at anytime provides flexibility and convenience to all employees. This helps HR to keep record of latest employee details.















4. ‘Employee Directory’ Enhances Employee Communication 

Many times employees would need their co-workers’ contact details. Enabling ‘employee directory’ with search functionality and parameters such as phone number, address, email ID, designation, location, supervisor, emergency contact etc. provides faster communication with the other person. The ability to ‘Star’ commonly used contacts will be a value-added feature.

HRMS - Employee-Directory














5. Quick Access toPaystubs’ Improves Employee Satisfaction

In most organizations, employee paystub/payslip is the most common request received by the HR team. Ability to view and download the paystubs/payslips from the mobile device provides convenience to employees and saves time for the HR team.

HRMS Payslip














Is your organization mobile enabled? What is your opinion on HR applications and do you think this kind of application is useful?


Naveen C

Business Development Manager, RapidValue Solutions


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