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Gartner Symposium 2017 | Meet RapidValue to Learn about FinTech & Automation


RapidValue, a leader in Digital Transformation is participating in the Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo 2017
in Goa, India on 13–16, November 2017. Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo is specifically designed for CIOs (Corporate-wide CIOs and Business Unit CIOs) and Senior IT Executives or leaders reporting to the CIO. The 2017 conference agenda is designed to provide businesses and individuals with the strategies, insights, and tools that they will need to lead the next generation of IT, digital transformation and achieve business outcomes.

It is a platform where the world’s top CIOs are able to get a strategic view of the emerging trends that are shaping IT and business. Attendees get to meet Gartner analysts, industry experts, peers and digital solution providers and explore new ways to approach critical challenges, make decisions with confidence and achieve greater impact as a leader. The 4-day event focuses on digital technology, Business Strategy and Leadership. Analysts will present on  the topics such as ‘How a Chief Data Officer Creates and Leads High-Performance Teams’ ; ‘How to Create a Technology Operating Model for Digital CSP’ ; ‘Blockchain in Banking and Investment Services – Are We There Yet?’, ‘Digital Business Platforms and New Insurance Business Models’; ‘Fintech in Emerging Markets’ ; ‘Creating the Future-Proof Digital Infrastructure; ‘IoT will Usher in a Radical New Era of Customer-Centric Manufacturing’ etc.

Sirish Kosaraju, Chief Operating Officer (COO), RapidValue will be at the event. If you’d like to learn about building applications using Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Chatbots, IoT and many other solutions on FinTech and automation, please do meet him at the event. Sirish can share his experience on how RapidValue has successfully worked with some of the top global brands, Fortune 1000 companies and many product startups to enable digital and cognitive solutions in mobile, cloud, IoT and FinTech. Sirish can be reached at sirishk[at]rapidvaluesolutions[dot]com

If you’d like to know, how to mobilize and enable digital transformation for your enterprise you can also write to Kavyanidhi Narayan, Director – Marketing at

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