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Google TV – What does it bring to mobility landscape?


I want to discuss this time about a topic that may not be directly connected to enterprise mobility – or not even to mobility – I am talking about Google TV.  The only apparent connection of this topic to mobility is the fact that the initiative is powered by a mobile OS. However, we believe this is an important event, and is indicative of more things to come.

As an initiative, whether Google TV would be a success among consumers is debatable – The argument is that a number of activities that you would do on the web, like browsing require you to be closer to the device to be able to read text, an d a TV is not meant for browsing.  However, one could look at this as another step in the evolution of cloud and mobile computing – Essentially, the concept of Google TV allows a user to use the TV monitor for a number of things, like accessing apps and data on the cloud, without the need for a separate CPU – This points to a direction where the monitor will be self-sufficient without a processor – Does it almost start to sound now like a tablet?.  We believe we will see more and more display devices that are self-sufficient with the required processing power, to access data in the cloud, play games and perform a good number of other activities – In other words, another step towards mobility.

With iPad being powered by iOS, rumoured gPad and Google TV being powered by Android OS, and HP tablets featuring WebOS, it would seem likely that the current mobile OS’s would drive these new-paradigm mobility initiatives as well.

What are your thoughts on these new generation devices?

Rajesh P

RapidValue Solutions

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