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Healthcare and The iPad Application Development Company Space


iPads are forever changing the way people communicate and go about their daily lives. After only 2 months of launching, there are already 2 million iPads in circulation. The implications of these are not only affecting the iPad application development company space, but also the healthcare industry. Healthcare is one sector where iPads will do particularly well.

In fact, the healthcare industry is already going through major technological changes with Electronic medical records ( EMR) and Patient Health Records ( PHR). The introduction of iPad like devices, and the innovation occurring in the iPad application development space, is further going to revolutionize heathcare technology. The goal is simple – access to important health data when and where its needed.

Though there have always been skeptics of healthcare, such when Jared Houck at HIT Squad listed 10 reasons the iPad won’t succeed in health IT, the reason we believe iPad will be hugely successful is simply  its “ease of use”. Doctors do not have the time to figure out complex technologies / clunky user interfaces and a doctor’s time is money atleast in the United States. Coupled with this, doctors are one of the biggest individual user groups of Apples iPhone and have given a big “yes” to the technology. So its just a matter a time applications will be written for the iPad which will connect to EMR and PHR systems and this will become a prevalent system. This is going to provide a great opportunity for those in the iPad application development company space. lists top medical apps that they expect to see on the iPad platform

We will keep you updated with the exciting innovations occurring in this space.

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