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How to Ensure Quality in Mobile App Development


Millions of apps competing against each other, what matters most is the quality. When the app quality breaches, user’s expectation and your brand value is at risk. As for enterprise businesses, ensuring quality is never been a low priority, similarly there shouldn’t be any tradeoffs when their app is built. A SCRUM model is found to be very effective for ensuring quality mobile apps. The key challenge is that your app idea or your requirements might change as the development progresses. Therefore, a repeated start off is absolutely necessary for each stage of your project.

In this blog, I would like to take you through each stage in mobile application implementation and discuss on how each can be improved, so as to develop a quality app.

1. Planning and Requirements Gathering
This is the most important and the preliminary stage where quality has to be ensured. No developer can build a good app unless their ideas are clear. Ideas and suggestions should be documented and the feasibility of such ideas should be verified. Choosing the right option like whether you need a native app or web app can have large impact on the quality of your app. Task identification, time estimation, resource allocation should be done in a systematic way. Prior experience can help you identify the risks involved in a project. Benchmarking with the standards can also improve the overall development process.

2. Design
As you may be aware of the fact that following quality guideliness from vendors like Apple, Google is not just a guideline, but a mandatory part of app submission. Design of the app should be in such a manner that it can pass design review processes of all vendors. Preparing an app design checklist can make the process easier to evaluate. Visualizing the interaction of app before implementation is a great source for fixing the loopholes on an earlier stage itself.

3. Development and Testing
Development and testing should go hand in hand. Continuous integration and unit testing are essential for quality development. Quality is ensured only when rigorous testing is done. Testing should be performed on real devices rather than emulators. Security and privacy issues are major concerns for mobile apps. Even if SCRUM do not encourage documentation, it is recommended for the developer to document all the work. This will help to reuse code. You can find more about mobile testing here.

4. Deployment
Version tracking and in-corporating the continuous feedback received by end-users can help the developers better understand the system and plays a key role in app improvement.

Will be good to know your thoughts. You can also write to us – marketing@rapidvaluesolutions, if you need any more information on this topic.

Lal Thomas
Software Engineer (Intern), RapidValue Solutions


  1. Lisa Marie says:

    After creating a app it is very important to check the quality of your app. There are so many on-line tools trough which you can check the quality of your app.

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