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How to Evaluate a Mobile Test Automation Tool for your Application?



After you have built your mobile application, before it is deployed on the Apps stores for the end-user, the mobile application needs to be tested thoroughly for its performance. Many times test engineers are concerned on which mobile test automation tool is best to test their application.

This article provides a recommended checklist for selecting a mobile test automation tool. There are several must-have requirements in a mobile test automation tool. Support for all object identification methods: more specifically, the tool should be able to identify an object by its Native ID, Image Recognition, Text Recognition and Web HTML5 (DOM). This is crucial otherwise the maintenance of the tests will be poor. For example – tools that only support image recognition will be extremely sensitive to any change in the graphical appearance of the Object and will therefore require huge amount of maintenance. To learn more, download the checklist which recommends on “how to evaluate a mobile test automation tool for testing your application”. Download PDF.


Suvesh T.K and Sanoj S

QA Team, RapidValue Solutions

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