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How to Transform Web Business to Mobile Business


Transforming web to mobile

With advancement in technology, smartphones & tablets are changing the way people use their mobile devices. More organizations are moving towards a mobile first strategy for their business.  Today, the question should be how to implement a mobile strategy, and not should we go mobile? This is what most industry experts are expecting in the coming years:

  • As per Neilsen, US smartphone penetration has reached 64% within 6 years since 2007 when Apple first launched its iPhone.
  • Worldwide smartphone penetration to reach 50% by 2017 from 33% in 2013 says eMarketer
  • Web traffic usage through mobile is 17.4% worldwide in 2013 from 11.1% in 2012.
  • Asia leads the planet with the most-mobile web users with 26.6% of web traffic coming from mobile devices.
  • Based on a research by Canalys, Touch-screen devices (including iPad, iPhone and hybrids such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro) will account for 59% of all PCs shipped in 2016.

And according to world’s top retailers:

This presentation by Sirish Kosaraju, Co-Founder & COO, RapidValue Solutions addresses the following:

  • Why mobile?
  • How is mobile different from Web?
  • Technology considerations when moving to mobile
  • Business considerations when moving to mobile

For more information on this topic, read the detailed presentation on How to Transform Web Business to Mobile Business.

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