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HP and WebOS: Will Enterprise Mobility Benefit?


The news of HP buying Palm came as a big relief for the fans of WebOS. WebOS is without doubt one of the best mobile operating systems – it is better than iPhone OS in a number of available features. WebOS not gaining traction was a classic case of bad timing for a good product– Had it been released a year back, WebOS would have been a runaway hit. However, HP buying Palm can potentially change all that, with the marketing muscle that HP can bring along to make it a success.

What does HP’s acquisition of Palm bring with it for enterprise mobility?

For one, HP has a large number of devices which could now potentially run with WebOS. According to ABI Research, “”HP has the opportunity to mold WebOS to its needs and its key customer segment, the enterprise. WebOS may become the “glue” that solidifies HP’s solutions for the mobile enterprise market — not just leveraging the loyalty from Palm’s storied past, but building synergy with HP’s growing enterprise networking portfolio, as well as its wireless networking and even its services solutions”.  Undoubtedly, In addition to being a mobile operating system, WebOS has been designed with a number of other devices like tablets and net-books in mind.

HP has released handheld devices and PDAs in the past. However, WebOS gives HP an opportunity to bring out highly usable hand-held devices not only as PDAs or tablets, but also rugged hand-held devices which can replace a number of clunky handhelds in the enterprise, in the warehouse and supply chain functions.

We expect to see a lot of action on the enterprise mobility side involving WebOS. Do you think HP-WebOS combination can replace RIM’s and Windows Mobile’s dominance in enterprise? Please send your thoughts.

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