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HR is Embracing Mobile


The Mobile Era

In today’s technology-driven world, people are actually accustomed to a new culture where they can obtain anything with just a click of the mouse. It is an era of smartphones and tablets. They are not only engrossed in Facebook or Twitter but they can also shop online by sitting at home or pay their bills while standing in the queue of the Cineplex. You can also check and answer your emails while having a leisurely time at the nearby coffee cafe. Mobile technology has certainly changed the way we communicate nowadays. The convenience and user-friendliness cannot be ignored.

Mobile Apps Reign in the Workplace too

The essential features can also be seen in the workplace atmosphere. Reports claim that most of the employees use their personal computing devices while they are at work. Certainly employees use their phones and tablets for reading emails and communicating with clients but most employees also use their devices for other vital tasks like data analysis, content management, handling projects, customer relationship management (CRM). The HR System is also said to echo this new trend. It has been noted that the adoption of the mobile-enabled process has been growing since 2012. This new trend is seen almost everywhere. Whether in the task of the payroll processes, in recruiting new candidates or while managing the performance of the employees, this application is utilized everywhere. It is predicted that this mobile-enabled process will be gaining prominence with each passing day.

Depiction of Modernity

The modern day HR leaders are gradually falling prey to this new trend or should I say they have already embraced the trend. This process enables the employees to access all the HR applications on their tablets and smartphones. These applications provide everything. They carry out the basic tasks as well as the more complicated ones. You can update and analyse data and can also review performance and benefits. The applications help to carry out more complex tasks like preparation of headcount reports and also evaluation of employee performance.

Acquiring and Managing Talent Goes Mobile

We dwell in a very high tech world where everything that we wish can be obtained by simply pressing a button or clicking the mouse. The smart phone manufacturers have made our life much easy and paved the door for convenience. We can access everything through our mobile phones. It is but natural to see the HR processes also go Mobile.

Mobile applications were never alien to HR people. Thanks to the integration of social media and mobile phones. The recruiters had already started communicating and hiring people with the help of the social media. So, smart phones have always been an integral part of the HR recruitment process- hiring processes were handled both nationally and globally. Most of the companies have been successful in developing the mobile enabled application of the hiring process that all the smart phone users can easily access from their personal devices. Many organizations have made themselves available to a huge number of job applicants all over the world. These companies are easily approachable now. It will not be long when we see these companies carrying out the HR procedures and tasks directly to the employee’s mobile phones.
According to, the leading builder of mobile recruitment apps in the UK, some companies are seeing a cost-per-hire of under £300 per applicant with through mobile. Yet beyond that, the benefits of going mobile make it hard to ignore.

Some of the popular Mobile HR applications include:

  • 2x Mobile : 2x HR Mobile App allows businesses to manage their hiring processes on the go. This particular application mainly focuses on the key hiring tasks. It enables you to execute the most basic tasks that are needed to move the hiring process effectively.
  • Jobvite : Jobvite is an innovative candidate sourcing solution that is pretty popular with the business owners. This application enables your employees to send job invitations (also called Jobvites) to the members of their networks on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook from anywhere and everywhere.
  • DNA : DNA is a mobile diversity training app which is a unique one. It offers insights into the impact that the cultural differences have on the workplace conduct.
  • HR at Your Fingertips: This is an app which is an HR terms and concepts reference tool. It is known to be much effective and beneficial tool.
  • Mobile Benefits: It is an HR Mobile App that gives a chance to your employees to obtain health benefit account information on their smart phones. They can review claims and see account balances, and also, submit new receipts by taking a picture with their mobile devices.

Strengthening the HR Management System

The benefits and advantages of this cannot be ignored. It is really a fast process and equally convenient for one and all. It is so much easy that an employee can actually go through his induction sessions after joining, attend training classes, manage his leaves, view & download his paystubs, access employee directory and also fill various kinds of feedback or performance sheets with his smart phone.

The HR person, on the other hand, can actually review and analyse everything while checking his tablet without having to wait for the next day. Hence, time is saved and the promptness is also ensured. Mobile enabled HR processes will definitely, benefit business. The processes and procedures have become way more useful and beneficial. First and foremost, the new mobile enabled process will obviously reduce the action and response time. Time is precious and you save a lot of time. It will also facilitate the decision making process and there will be flexibility in the work environment. Work engagement will also increase. The HR team will now get more time to dedicate to the more complex and important aspects or responsibilities of their job profile since basic tasks can now be handled easily. Decisions are also made without wasting time and become more significant and transparent.

Therefore, the Mobile HR Apps are here to Stay

It is predicted that in the coming years many more companies will embrace the mobile enabled applications in their HR procedures to facilitate the HR processes. This particular technology is here to stay and will gain importance as time goes by. Implementation can be seen in the HR process which is certainly going to improve the way the human resource team functions in an organisation.

According to Forrester, a leading market research firm, the number of anytime, anywhere information workers — those who use three or more devices, work from multiple locations, and use many apps — has risen from 23% of the global workforce in 2011 to 29% in 2012. With tablets tripling to 905 million in use for work and home globally by 2017, the anytime, anywhere work trend is just getting started!

What are your thoughts on using a mobile HR application? Does it make it simple and convenient for you to access your HR data?


Nairita Goswami

Marketing Communications, RapidValue Solutions

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