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Interview with Abof

Interview with Ranjit Behera

Former Head of Digital Marketing, Aditya Birla Online Fashion

Ranjit is the former head of digital marketing at Aditya Birla Online Fashion. He is a specialist in digital account Management for Fortune 500 companies and product management of consumer products.

  • 01

    According to me, digital transformation is adoption of digital technologies by a company, to transform its business and organizational processes, operations, communication methods and having digital as a core pillar for all its growth and sustenance strategies. It requires a fundamental change in DNA of key business stake holders and organizations at large to be able to bring in the transformation.

    For, digital is core to our business as we believe with efficient use of technology we can transform consumer traditional methods of shopping to a more technology enabled ecosystem for them to buy online.

  • 02

    Mobile has now become the primary device which people use to fulfill most of their needs and requirements. Average time spent on mobile is far more than what is spent on the desktop. This makes mobile as the primary medium through which Abof is accessed and with the help of which we are able to engage prospective customers.

    For, all strategies are mobile first and hence, mobility solutions naturally becomes important in any of our decision making process.

  • 03

    Mobility solutions have helped in many ways:

    • It has provided our users a seamless shopping experience on mobile. Users can access from anywhere and anytime. Mobility solutions enable us to deliver excellent shopping experience, irrespective of different mobile devices or network connectivity.
    • The real-time data capture, usage of analytics and personalization have helped us to enhance the user experience.
    • Mobility solutions have enabled us to give users the same experience across mobile, app and desktop. This has improved user engagement and people can effortlessly, switch between devices.
  • 04

    Honestly, you cannot have a retail strategy without a significant role played by mobility solutions. The amount of time spent by users on mobile has compelled digital strategies, to prioritize “mobile-first”. For, almost 80% of users get to know about our website or app through mobile devices.

    Our digital marketing communication concepts, creatives and execution was primarily designed for mobile and later adapted for other device types.

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