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Introducing iOS 10 – What’s in Store?


iOS 10

The release of iOS 10 has introduced a number of compelling new features that aims to help the users. People, with even older iPhone models, feel like they are using a new device. Apple has come up with many dramatic new features with the introduction of iOS 10. It has got some intriguing and helpful features which the iPhone and iPad users can expect to look forward to and experience. The new operating system promises to include dozens of major new features with improvements.

What to Expect?

  • The new iOS 10 includes a nifty storage optimization feature that should work as a boon for users to make things easier when they are, still, straddled with 16GB storage.
  • Touch ID on the iPhone is a great feature but sometimes it works too quickly and the users don’t even have time to check their notifications. In iOS 10, Apple has come up with a better way and the users can, quickly, glance at the notifications, without even having to use Touch ID. The new feature activates the lock screen which, simply, requires the user to pick up the iPhone. The only thing is that the feature relies upon Apple’s M9 motion coprocessor and that apparently, which means that it will only work on the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s models and the 4-inch iPhone SE.


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The stopwatch design in iOS 10 has been given a nice new analogue makeover. But for the users who, still, prefer the old design, he/she can simply swipe to the left/right to toggle back and forth.

  • Apple has added the 3D Touch functionality to the Settings application in iOS 10. With this, you can, quickly, access settings like Battery and Wi-Fi.

3D Touch functionality in iOS

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  • If you wish to browse through your Apple TV then an alert appears on your iPhone which enables you to, quickly, activate the virtual keyboard without you having to find and open the Remote application.
  • FaceTime is a great and important feature in Apple. Sometimes, initiating a connection can take a bit longer than you might imagine. With iOS 10, Apple has taken significant steps to improve FaceTime connectivity, along with making improvements in the video quality.
  • In iOS 10, one welcome addition to Apple’s Maps application is the ability to retrieve driving directions which lets you, completely, avoid highway tolls. To enable this feature, users need to go to Settings > Maps > Driving & Navigation and then toggle the switch to the desired preference.

Maps feature in iOS10

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  • With iOS 10, setting a timer is easier than ever before. By applying a 3D Touch to the Timer icon, you’ll be able to choose between any number of pre-set timer intervals.
  • The Timer icon isn’t the only 3D Touch capable option in Control Center: You can, also, 3D Touch the Flashlight icon to adjust intensity and 3D Touch the Camera icon to, quickly, take a photo or record video.
  • The biggest change to Siri seems to be that Apple is opening it up to 3rd-party developers. This means that you are able to activate non-Apple applications and functions via voice control.
  • Apple Music has gone through a major visual redesign. You can, also, get on-screen lyrics for some songs. While taking photos, your music will continue playing which allows you to have uninterrupted music sessions.

Music Feature in iOS10

  • Apple News has been redesigned like the other applications. It has become cleaner and simpler. Apple has added subscriptions in News and now, there is, also, a ‘Breaking news’ notifications in the application.
  • The phone application gets a big enhancement and that is the voicemail transcription. iOS 10 will convert speech into text and hence, you can glance through the voicemail without having to listen to it.
  • There are lots of small re-designs, with regard to the messaging application, which are, clearly, aimed at the young audience. You are able to use rich links in Messages and Emoji will be three times the size which can be incorporated into predictive text.

Messaging Application in iOS10

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  • You are, finally, able to delete those generic applications. It is time to say goodbye to Tips, Stocks, and other stock applications. When you realize that your iPhone is running out of storage, iOS 10 enables you to have the option to remove all of the random applications that you never use but take up a lot of space.

iOS10 space feature

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Looking Forward

Everything has been improved and is even better, now, with iOS 10. It is Apple’s biggest release yet. Users are able to express themselves in bold new ways through Messages and find their route with the help of the beautifully redesigned Maps. You can relive the cherished memories like never before with Photos and use the power of Siri in more applications than ever.

Major new features, also, include the ability to book reservations for places like restaurants in the Maps application, a completely redesigned Apple Music experience and advanced 3D Touch widgets. Users are elated to get brand new lock screen and notifications, contextual predictions, and a redesigned News application. The, massively, improved Photo application, with machine learning algorithms, is able to detect people, places, and objects in your pictures. There’s a lot more to talk about the new iOS 10. Here are just few of the amazing things that are worth mentioning.

Are you an iPhone User? What are your thoughts on the new features offered by iOS 10?


Nairita Goswami

Market Research Specialist, RapidValue

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