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Kudu iPhone (Social Networking)


There are plenty of apps and sites that tell you what random people think about stuff. You can find out where some dude thinks you can find the best Indian food in St. Louis. You can find out who some random woman thinks is the best obstetrician in New York City. Best wine, best stroller, best hotel in Maui- if you want random opinions, you’re all set.

The problem is, you don’t care what random people think. You want to know what people who actually know something about that something think about it. Your most knowledgeable wine friends- what do they recommend? Your smartest doctor friends- who would they go to? Your friends who live in New York City- what are their favorite bars?

Stop searching for the random opinions of random people. You have smart friends. It’s time to leverage the wisdom of your herd.

Set of customized kuducliques- groups of your friends who know about a particular topic.
Send out Blasts to members of your herd when you’ve found something they should know about.
Send out an Ask when you want to query particular members on a given topic.
Go back and search the archives for past recommendations.

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