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Leveraging Oracle Technologies for Mobile Application Development


Oracle MCS

In today’s world, digitization and globalization have, drastically, modified the way businesses operate. Organizations, today, are majorly dependent on software technologies and mobile/ web applications for their expansion. They are ready to invest in various platforms in order to ensure that all the aspects of business are managed in an efficient manner. Most enterprises and organizations have disparate systems and databases and this makes it difficult for them to obtain a unified view of resources. As a consequence, there are lesser chances of leveraging these resources to ensure the betterment of business. With a desire to provide unified solutions to such issues, industry leaders, like Oracle, have designed and developed integrated solutions that are capable to handle and manage all aspects of the business on a unified platform.

This article explains some of the popular Oracle technologies which is used by organizations, globally, for digitizing their enterprise, both front-end mobile/web applications and backend integration.

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a fully, integrated and comprehensive suite of global applications. EBS is an internet enabled product that can be managed from a single site.  The suite enables enterprises to reduce costs, make better business decisions and improve performance. Oracle EBS includes the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Each and every application is licensed, separately, in such a way so that every company can select the combination that they think is best suited for their business processes.

EBS Suite Comprises a Wide Range of Applications

  • SCM Application – It helps to integrate and automate all the supply chain processes. SCM Application provides a complete solution that enables companies to have information-driven value chains.
  • CRM Application – It ensures that each and every selling channel is aligned with the corporate objectives and goals.
  • Service Management Application – It ensures better customer service and facilitates customer satisfaction.
  • Financial Management Application- It facilitates cost effectiveness by reducing the back-office costs and improves efficiency.

EBS Suite of Applications is, continuously, being enhanced to assist organizations to cope up with the changing market scenario and demands of the customers. It helps the customers in managing the complexities of the global business environments. EBS has several cross-industry capabilities that address all aspects of business, help in achieving high productivity and significantly, reduce the TCO.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS)

Oracle had released the much anticipated Mobile Cloud Service (MCS). Unlike other Cloud offerings, MCS is focused, not only, to provide enterprise quality Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), but also, on providing easy to use tools for business professionals which helps them to analyze data about the usage of the MBaaS. Though the technical people play a major role as the users of MCS, Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) is designed to provide value to every one working and involved in mobile strategy and innovation – developers and business leaders, alike.

All-in-One Cloud Solution

  • MCS is cloud offering that simplifies the process of connecting your mobile applications to your enterprise systems and other cloud services and ensures that it is secured.
  • Using MCS helps developers to deliver world-class mobile applications to the mobile customers – they can be B2C, B2E or B2B customers. Mobile application developers can work much faster as MCS helps in decreasing the application development time and, also, reduces the costs.
  • MCS help to, securely, connect the mobile applications to your enterprise.
  • MCS provides meaningful metrics that gives you an insight about how successful the mobile strategy is. You can get answers for questions like how many users are using your application and where are the users located, geographically. You can, even, get to know whether the users are facing issues, at any point of time, while using the application.
  • MCS assist in monitoring the actions and behaviors that are critical for your company’s success.

Mobile Cloud Service was designed and built, specifically to capitalize on all the possibilities that were suggested by the Cloud. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) provides the enterprise with the tools and capabilities that is required to accelerate and support the mobile application development. Mobile Cloud Service offers API management, built-in security and continuous lifecycle management. It, also, provides other pre-built capabilities like user management, push notifications, offline data storage.

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS)

Oracle has addressed a strong Cloud need: the integration among the Cloud based Applications. Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is considered to be a powerful integration platform, in the Cloud, to maximize the value of your investments in SaaS and on-premise applications. ICS is Oracle’s integration platform as a service (iPaas). It includes an intuitive web based designer for integration between applications.

Simplified Integration

  • It is a rich monitoring dashboard that provides real-time insight into the transactions. They run on a mature runtime platform on Oracle Cloud.
  • Oracle ICS is developed for integration needs. It is built for the integration needs between the Cloud applications, and, also, the Cloud and on premise applications. The idea is simple and plain integration.
  • ICS helps customers to accelerate their integration projects which can be achieved by pre-integrating with several SaaS applications.
  • ICS, significantly, shortens the time-to-market as it provides a highly intuitive user interface and also, a large library of SaaS Adapters.

ICS gives you a web-based, point and click integration experience. You can, easily, create integrations between Cloud applications, public web services and on-premise applications. ICS provides you with a standard library of Cloud & On-premise connectors. Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is a powerful integration platform, in the Cloud, that lets you maximize the value of your investments in SaaS and on-premise applications.

Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)

Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) is a mobile application development tool that is used for the creation of cross-platform applications. MAF, the hybrid mobile framework, enables developers to develop single-source applications and deploy on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 device platforms, quickly. Oracle’s MAF features a number of integrated components that lets the developers achieve a complete solution for application management.

  • Building applications with the help of Oracle MAF allows the development teams to leverage their existing knowledge of Java. This means that there is no need to teach the existing development team the cross-platform application development languages such as HTML5 or JavaScript.
  • Oracle MAF adds enhanced integration and security to the Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS), and also, provides support for alerts/ notifications and data visualization.
  • Oracle MAF maximizes code reuse and as a result it is much faster in the development of compelling mobile applications.
  • MAF facilitates deployment to multiple platforms with single codebase that enables easier transition into multiple mobile platforms.
  • MAF is known to be extensible, increase mobile development speed and eliminate the mobile skills shortage.

Oracle MAF presents a complete MVC development framework that leverages Java, HTML5 and JavaScript. MAF is best suited for large corporations who wish to develop and implement multiple enterprise-level mobile applications. MAF is characterized by a declarative user interface definition, device services integration and built-in security.


Needless to say, Oracle’s solutions enable organizations to provide world-class service to its customers and facilitate efficient sales operations. The technologies help to ensure right ordering, fulfillment of the order and fetching revenue recognition. These are the most complete and integrated suite of business applications that are engineered to work together to optimize every aspect of their business. You are able to deploy the right technical and functional resources at the correct time during the software lifecycle.


Nairita Goswami

Market Research Specialist, RapidValue

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