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Live Webinar | Making Test Automation 10X Faster for Continuous Delivery


“It’s a pleasure to let you know that RapidValue hosted a live webinar on “Making Test Automation 10X Faster for Continuous Delivery“. In this session we presented:

  • Achieving test automation in DevOps
  • Building a business-tailored test automation framework
  • Overcoming limitations of open source tools
  • Case study: Creating 2000+ test cases in less than a month for a product development firm
  • Demo: Zero-code test automation for non-testers using AccuRate (test automation suite by RapidValue)

This event was well received by QA Engineers, Directors, Testing Leads, Test Engineers etc. from various organizations.

You can Download the Webinar Presentation, here.

If you’d like to see the live demo of AccuRate – Test Automation Suite, write to , we’d be happy to set-up the live demo for you.”

-Kavyanidhi Narayan, Marketing Director, RapidValue

Live Session by RapidValue

Kavya and Vidya, RapidValue, Bengaluru Office

Webinar on Test Automation

Sanoj S and Ajish Cherian from RapidValue, Kochi Office

Live Webinar

RapidValue Bengaluru team listening to the webinar

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