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Improving Business Performance and Enhancing Customer Experience for New Age Media

Transforming Media & Entertainment Industry at the Speed of Digital

As consumers are going digital, their media and entertainment consumption and buying habits are undergoing a massive transformation. New digital-based business models are getting adopted across the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry to improve business performance and enhance customer experience.

At RapidValue, we help broadcasting, publishing, media and entertainment firms stay ahead by defining new revenue models, leveraging our digital product engineering capabilities, powered by Mobile, Cloud & DevOps. We leverage new age technologies, automation, and immersive technologies to transform the audience experience, accelerate content production, maximize content monetization and enable multi-platform engagement. We help publishers and media houses capitalize on web-bases solutions, mobile and smart devices as well as the growing demand for streaming services.

Our cutting-edge digital solutions help broadcasting, publishing, social media and entertainment firms stay ahead of the digital curve.

  • Building new revenue streams and providing personalized experience.
  • Multi-channel distribution and end-to-end publishing solutions across digital platforms.
  • Tailor-made digital solutions for your brand, integrating your content to multiple mobile platforms.
  • Re-engineering and modernizing legacy systems to high performance digital systems.

Digital Solutions For Media & Entertainment

Broadcast Media

We have helped leading broadcasting companies across the globe build next generation digital platforms on Mobile and Cloud, which have helped them to attract new audience and retain existing customers. Our solutions increase audience engagement and improve management of media assets.

Our broadcast media application helps you build your user base, reach and create a direct monetization channel for your advertisers, save you lot of time and increase user time spent on the medium. We have a strong domain expertise and partner ecosystem, that helps you build amazing Mobile and Cloud applications.


TV and Radio channels are gaining more viewership with the growth of mobile applications. TV Channels are pushing mobile apps with reruns of their best TV programs. Building and retaining viewership is one the challenges that Entertainment companies are facing.

Our digital entertainment applications play an important role to capture your consumer’s attention. With features such as – reminding your favorite show, getting latest updates about the program, downloading and viewing the content for later, information on celebrity news etc. will help you to attract larger audience to view your channel.

Social Media

With invention of various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – companies are using these platforms to explore and expand their reach and membership. Building scalable social media applications is need of the hour businesses across the globe.

With our social media mobile application, your customers can stay connected and share and tell their friends about what they think. This will increase your customer’s exposure, viewership and also stay connected all the time. We leverage Big Data and Analytics to build scalable social media networking applications that can process huge amount of data.

Print and Publishing

Newspapers, Books and Magazine Publisher subscribers are declining with the release of several digital applications. Companies are looking for new means to distribute content through mediums such as iPad because of its usability, user-friendliness, saving delivery costs and global reach.

Our print media mobile solution supports readership with content delivery through digital media thus, increasing your ROI through monetization. We help print and publishing companies build digital solutions which enable them to deliver more personalized content over digital channels.

Digital Product Engineering for the Media & Entertainment Sector

From building the digital transformation roadmap to designing, developing, testing and deploying the solution, we help media and entertainment companies across the product development lifecycle. We have strong domain expertise and customizable solutions accelerators that help you achieve faster time-to-market.

  • Re-engineering Legacy Systems: We have helped several media and entertainment firms with legacy modernization by leveraging the power of Mobile and Cloud, resulting in improved customer experience.
  • Native Mobile Application Development: We have built award-winning news applications and streaming apps on iOS and Android, which have been downloaded by millions of users. These applications are built with several features which include multi-language support, location-based services, video streaming, third-party integrations etc.
  • System Integration: Leveraging our strong enterprise integration capabilities, we can help integrate your media applications with third-party systems and platforms, which can help your achieve higher monetization and enhance the streaming experience for the end users.
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Modernizing Program Asset Liability Administration System

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