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iPad Medical Applications


Some of the obvious applications that medical professionals would like to see on their iPads are EMR and PHR applications extended to the iPad. But a lot of interest exists in the healthcare industry to utilize the iPad for various other purposes as well. One of the areas where we have seen a lot of  interest in the last couple of months since the Apple iPad launch is enabling medical magazines, texts and journals onto the iPad.  The iPhone with its small form factor is good for a quick reference but not suitable for serious reading. The iPad addresses this issue and its almost perfect for serious reading during travel or breaks etc.

iPad magazines are already becoming popular in other categories like entertainment, sports , business etc and though its still early days to say, the iPad seems to be a platform where magazines can hope to have a revenue model as well unlike the iPhone where most of the magazines launched have come up with free content only. With the number of healthcare professionals buying iPads increasing by the day, its only a matter of time when healthcare magazines will start publishing content onto the iPad as well.

WebMD has launched its iPad application and I believe that this is the start of a trend and other medical content providers will soon launch iPad applications. Now you might wonder, why should a provider who already has a magazine or  journal online launch an iPad application. I wondered myself until I saw the WebMD application – The way information is organised on the iPad and the way it is presented is so intuitive and user friendly that you will not be able to achieve the same on a website atleast for now. Lets see if HTML5 can change that  – well thats a different topic.

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