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Microservices & API

Building High-Performance Apps
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Microservices & API

Innovation for Business Agility

Today, several enterprises are making use of Microservices to restructure their applications, scale them up and make them communicate with each other with APIs. This is helping companies to not only speed up their software delivery but also improve business agility and scalability. As Microservices and APIs provide new opportunities, they also pose challenges in achieving complete security, performance visibility and reusability.

RapidValue helps enterprises in modernizing their legacy IT systems with flexible, independently deployable Microservices applications. We build API management platforms to provide the security, reliability, visibility, and adaptability needed to run Microservices architecture efficiently and effectively. With our Microservices and API solutions, companies can iterate quickly, simplify deployment, and drastically shorten time-to-market.

Key Offerings

Microservices feasibility analysis.

Dedicated Center of Excellence for Microservices & Containerization.

Re-usable assets and artifacts for faster implementation.

Robust in-house frameworks to build custom Microservices.

Strong partner ecosystem and open source expertise.

API Integration & Management


  • Integration and architecture roadmap
  • Proof of concept
  • Product evaluation
  • ESB/EDI consulting


  • ESB/EAI/SOA roadmap implementation
  • Develop custom API integration based on your need
  • Synchronize data across one to many resources


  • Capacity planning for middleware
  • Integration testing strategy
  • EAI testing and validation


  • SMS Gateway integration
  • Payment gateway integration such as PayPal
  • Rest API Integration
  • Social media API such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Google API’s including Maps, Analytics, YouTube
  • SaaS API integration such as

Agile & DevOps Services

Enabling Continuous Delivery

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