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The Mobile App World – Building the Right Ecosystem!


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The sole purpose to build a mobile app ecosystem is to drive the app usage. Hence, it is not surprising that the end users have access to several mobile apps because of their popularity. It is rightly said that the mobility is more than an app, it is an ecosystem.

Mobile app ecosystem enables the enterprises and the independent developers to create rich, unique and high quality mobile applications, quite rapidly. It is quite evident that the consumers have started using the mobile devices more than they did in the past. Consumers use their devices to access information, pictures, videos and various other content. Hence, it is of utmost importance for the big brands not to consider the mobile only as a platform for apps but to start considering the mobile to be an ecosystem.

The mobile ecosystem facilitates all the platforms. It can enhance the technologies and techniques which enable the consumers to make digital content accessible on any device.

Essential Elements of Mobile App Ecosystem 

The key elements of the Mobile App Ecosystem are Mobile Analytics, Mobile App Rating, Mobile Map Integration, Mobile A/B Testing, Mobile Performance Management and Mobile Crash Reporting. They form the integral part and are essential for a smooth mobile application deployment and life-cycle management.

Mobile App Ecosystem -RapidValue

We are aware of the alarming rate at which the sophistication of mobile devices is increasing every day. They have the ability to connect to more than one device, and connects more devices than ever before. Technology has given rise to the most beneficial development of them all – the mobile app ecosystem.

  • The popular mobile integration platforms such as Crittercism, Google Analytics, Tapalytics, Google Map, Cocoacontrols plays a pivotal role in mobile integration.
  • Crashlytics and Crittercism are the application performance monitoring platforms which provide valuable solutions, including Crash reporting solutions and Run Time crash reporting.
  • The analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Distimo and Localytics provides users, the detailed knowledge about rankings, reviews, ratings of the app.
  • Artisan, Taplytics and Optimizely, the major platforms for A/B Testing, analysis and marketing purposes, provide tremendous device support for iOS.
  • The Apple Map Kit and Google Maps are considered major value additions. While Apple Map Kit is highly customizable and convenient, with the help of Google Maps, location tracking can be done much more precisely.
  • The essential app rating services – Apptentive, Appirater and iRate perform crucial functions like providing rating alerts and assisting the user to rate the app.

We recommend these tools, platforms and services for users, to increase mobile application performance and for a seamless application life-cycle management. It is critical to create a vibrant ecosystem for the application developers.

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Rinish KN,

CTO, RapidValue Solutions




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