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Mobile Applications Market to hit 1 million Milestone


Mobile app world is all set to to celebrate a major milestone of 1 million mobile apps next week, says Mobilewalla, a mobile analyst firm. According to Mobilewalla, a total of 991,524 apps are now available for  iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7  platforms collectively, and it will hit the magical number of 1 million sometime  next week. The list excludes Symbian apps and earlier Windows Mobile and Palm software.

At No.1 spot is Apple, dominating the market with 591,428 apps which constitutes 59.9% of the total apps across platforms. Android lags behind with 321,020 apps which convert to 32.3 percent of the market. According to Anindya Datta, Executive Chairman of Mobiwala, Apple’s developers are adding about 1,000 new apps a day while Android developers are uploading about 1,400 a day.

Mobiwala reveals a very promising trend. There were only 484,000 apps at the beginning of this year, which means apps has doubled this year. The top sectors which have the highest number of apps are Entertainment (16.68%), Games (13.36%), Lifestyle (8.02%) and Utilities (7.13%). There are 150,000 app developers and companies driving the growth of app market.

The trend is just an indicator of the mobile app explosion in coming years. We believe that the pace will be more than double in 2012 with higher proliferation of smartphones and tablets, shift to HTML5, consolidation of platforms and faster adoption of mobile in finance and health.

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