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Mobility in Education – Essential Features to be Considered


Mobility in Education Features

The education industry is growing at a fast pace. The speedy growth and advancement of the industry compels Institutions and Universities to facilitate online education for the students and faculty which will reconstruct the way of education. Nowadays, the delivery models for both, teaching and learning are advancing towards a personalized learning environment, a virtual classroom, where the user can access the course from anywhere and anytime.

Some of the challenges that the industry is facing, is accomplishing more and more tasks, undergoing radical changes, within a short time frame to make sure that it is delivering a good user experience.

To address the needs of the modern-day students, institutions need to function with more proficiency
and leverage IT solutions in their processes. The mobile application provides the ability to offer training and fast communication between stakeholders, from anywhere, at any time. That means whether the students are all together in a classroom or spread all over the country, in different time zones, they can still access the same course
materials, and at a time that’s convenient to them. Faculty users can optimize the timeliness and focus
on the curriculum and the students can plan their schedules as per the learning time.

As per industry experts Statista, one of the experts and leading statistics companies on the Internet; in 2020,
worldwide m-education spending is projected to reach 37.8 billion US dollars, up from 3.4 billion US dollars in 2011.
There definitely seems to be an increase in demand in this mobility education space for the next five years.

Global Mobile Education Growth

A whitepaper by RapidValue explains the significance of mobility in education sector and the features to be considered by the developers, while building the mobile education application. As you read further, the paper presents a case study – a online virtual classroom, implemented by RapidValue, for a leading higher education provider in North America.

To learn more, download the full whitepaper!


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