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Mobility in HealthCare – Perspectives from HIMSS 2011



It is a well-known fact that healthcare professionals have adopted tablets, specifically iPad, in large numbers. The adoption was visible at HIMSS 2011 (Healthcare Information and Management Information Society) – while sitting at a break area, 4 people were using their iPads to email and share material, while only one person had his laptop on. As early as last year, people using their laptops to check their emails during the breaks in a conference was very common.

The increased interest in mobility was clear in one of the opening events – HIT X.O – Beyond The Edge –“Keep Up – HealthCare goes Mobile” – The conference room was jam-packed, showing the interest in the topic. Some of the statistics mentioned indicate that iPads and similar tablets are finding their way into HealthCare Organizations extremely fast: Most of these numbers do not come in as surprise, given the pace of adoption of tablets across industries. However, some of these, mentioned in bold are worth taking a look, especially given that it is less than a year from the introduction of tablets.

  • 72% caregivers are interested in being connected to monitoring devices
  • 72% of US physicians use smart-phones – This number is expected to be 81% by 2012. 52% use their smart phones to lookup medical information on a regular basis
  • 22% of US physicians have iPads (less than a year since the device has been launched!)
  • 86% of physicians are interested in accessing EMR information through smart-phones

Compelling enough reasons to have EMR, EHR and other Hospital Management Systems to be made compatible for the smart-phones and the tablets.

Some of the key areas within healthcare that will move to mobile according to the speakers are the following: Will write more details on these in another post.

  • Administrative apps (Administrators)
  • Financial Apps (Administrators)
  • Ambulatory Apps (Physicians/Care Providers)
  • Public Health (Patients)
  • Pharma/Clinical information systems (Physicians)

Mobility in Healthcare – Is the hype cycle for real? Let me know what you are seeing at your organizations.

Rajesh Padinjaremadam


RapidValue Solutions


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