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Mobility in Manufacturing: Enhancing Productivity and Driving Transformation


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There is no doubt about the popularity of the emerging trends, interesting challenges, fine approaches and seamless adoption of mobile and wireless technologies. The enablement of such technologies can be seen in the manufacturing industry, also. It is an established fact that mobility can help immensely, to improve the efficiency of businesses processes and streamline workflow with regards to field sales, field services and supply chain management.

The manufacturing industry is focused on high-end consulting and delivering IT-based solutions to a wide spectrum of consumers, globally. The aim is to develop efficient solutions and useful services that help companies improve their operations in today’s e-manufacturing era. The services are such that it leverages the power of the technology to drive improved efficiency across the manufacturing industry.

Mobility is Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry, worldwide, is always, under the pressure to increase their output, improve the quality and that too, at a reduced cost. Organizations are always, aiming to expand their global presence and excel in the competitive market. It is absolutely, essential to match up to the soaring expectations of the customers and other stakeholders. This calls for the initiation of strategic and innovative measures with the objective of becoming more agile, competitive and also, cost-sensitive.

Mobility in manufacturing is one of the recent adoptions that enable the manufacturers to enhance their capabilities as there is a critical improvement in business processes. The convergence of mobile technology with the manufacturing processes is revolutionizing the industry as mobility is playing a game-changing role. This major shift is, gradually, proving to be a kind of revolution and promises to reshape the manufacturing landscape by making it more effective, aggressive and agile. According to report published by Credencys, a survey of 3300 professionals (mostly IT decision makers) in the manufacturing sector showed 70% viewing mobility as the key to converting downtime into productive time, recovering a daily average of 42 minutes per employee.

The Benefits

There are several factors that are converging to enable the manufacturers to gain competitive advantage with the help of mobility. Manufacturing companies are looking to newer markets to boost future growth. There are several benefits associated with mobility adoption in manufacturing industry.

  • Mobile applications in manufacturing provide greater employee visibility, greater accuracy of information and real-time shipment and vehicle tracking.
  • There is an instant access to critical data on-the-go. This, not only, helps in taking quick decisions but also, assists the manufacturing enterprises to skillfully, manage their resources.
  • There is a mobilization of on-demand data and mobility ensures quality and quality control.
  • Mobility services helps in preventing wastage, contributing to cost-efficiency.
  • Smooth and real-time flow of data and information improves response time to all stakeholders including suppliers, vendors and customers etc.
  • Mobility in manufacturing helps organizations to resolve key internal and external issues in a short span of time thereby, boosting the brand image.
  • Mobility also, helps to eliminate redundant activities. It enhances collaboration with various units which results into speeding-up processes.
  • The instant communication, the reduced cost to the company and the real-time monitoring of work processes compel companies to adopt mobile devices.

As per a report published by Forbes, manufacturing units have seen 13% increase in sales, the first six months these applications were available. And, Inresearch says, 54% respondents believe enabling plant supervisors to leverage all information to do their jobs on mobile devices will be the biggest impact of mobility in manufacturing.

Use Cases / Recent Mobility Trends

Some of the manufacturing processes where the mobile solutions are deployed are Warehouse, Field Service, Management Decisions, Asset Tracking, Maintenance, Quality Control, Field Sales, Supply Chain, Procurement, Material Tracking etc.

Utilization of mobile devices and applications are, drastically, changing the way manufacturing industry is operating. Businesses have started to implement mobility solutions in their manufacturing functions to yield better results.

  • Organizations are more than eager to prioritize mobile technology expansion. This indicates that mobility is a top priority both, within the organization and while serving the customers.
  • There is an increase in the interest in mobilizing enterprise applications. Enterprises, across the globe, are spending on mobilizing enterprise applications and business processes.
  • Companies have realized that deploying mobile applications will drive employee productivity and responsiveness.
  • The overall improved customer satisfaction is an important driver of mobilizing applications.

The Future

The application of mobility in manufacturing enterprises has just begun. There is a lot to explore and leverage. A long-term mobile strategy is the need of the hour. A meticulous and sufficient ground work will help in upgrading processes and improvements in the future.

A recent Gartner study says that CIOs working at manufacturing companies now rank the investment in mobile technologies as a top priority. Enterprises have started assessing how and where the mobile solutions will benefit their business the most. After the assessment, an effective strategy is chalked out. The ubiquity of mobility in the consumer market compels for a change in the manufacturing industry.  The B2B potential is now being realized as organizations can obtain the benefits of real-time data, customization and the return on investment that mobile technology is able to offer.

So, what about getting your organization digitized and transformed? Has it gone mobile, yet? Please feel free to share your views and comments.


Nairita Goswami

Market Research Specialist, RapidValue




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