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Mobilizing Oracle Applications ERP: An Approach for Building Scalable Mobility Solutions


Enterprise mobility has transformed the way businesses engage with their customers, partners and staff, using innovative applications that enhance and accelerate the exchange of critical information. However, mobile applications are only part of the overall solution – integration with existing systems in a scalable manner is equally important and challenging.

Enterprises are recognizing the importance of extending their ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to mobile devices and providing employees with access to internal systems while on the move.

Here is a whitepaper by RapidValue Solutions which examines the approaches for extending Oracle E-Business Suite ERP modules to mobile. It describes the overall architecture and solution, and includes an example of extending the Oracle Applications Field Service module to mobile. In the example, a mobile application is built on the Android platform to leverage the capabilities of the mobile device.

Oracle Integrated SOA module is leveraged to expose web services to outside the firewall. Web services can be generated using pre-built packages or custom packages so as to enable required behavior of the mobile application. A middle layer is introduced to ensure security and mobile device management capabilities. The middle layer ensures that the ERP system is not exposed to outside the firewall to protect the system and its data. Once web services for requisite functions are exposed, mobile client application can be developed using multiple options: native, cross-platform and mobile web. The technology used depends on business requirements for usability, functionality and the long-term technology roadmap. Oracle ADF Mobile is an excellent option for extending Oracle Applications modules, as it fits well into the overall architecture stack.

To learn more, download the whitepaper –

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