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Modernizing Field Service Technicians with Mobility Solutions



We tend to juggle multiple activities during the day by placing high expectations on ourselves. To complete all daily tasks, we constantly focus on improving our productivity. The situation is similar with service organizations. Service organizations are constantly looking for ways to make their staff more efficient, provide better service to their customers and improve profitability.

More recently, service organizations have begun to recognize the importance of integrating mobility solutions into their corporate strategy. From the head of operations to sales personnel, mobility benefits everyone by extending productivity beyond the confinement of the office. According to Gartner, by 2018, 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device with tablet-like characteristics. Aberdeen Group predicts that 63% of leading service organizations will invest in mobile tools as a key strategy to improve field service performance.

Mobility helps service organizations resolve issues faster, enabling them to attend to service requests immediately and fix faulty parts on time for their customers. This prompt response has a high impact across the ecosystem of the organization – from field service technicians to service managers, business managers, executives and customers. An effective mobility solution can improve overall productivity by 30-40%, and profitability by 20-25% for the service organization.

Here is a whitepaper by RapidValue. This paper addresses the significance of field service mobility, drawing upon RapidValue’s experience helping companies succeed in the rapidly evolving mobile landscape. It first examines the life of a service technician without mobility, including the challenges technicians face on-site and problems customers face due to delayed service. It then describes the critical features that should be part of your field service mobile application, and factors to consider when making a decision. The paper also examines a real-life scenario that puts the concepts described here into practice.

To learn more download the whitepaper.

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