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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is getting increasingly adopted to automate key business processes. There are several processes associated with Oracle E-Business Suite which could be easily automated using RPA. RPA makes it easier to use your Oracle ERP and modernize your legacy processes. RapidValue complements the process automation capabilities in Oracle ERP solutions to deliver a powerful and scalable digital workforce.

Our digital experts analyze the existing business and IT infrastructure landscape (Project lifecycle processes, application and infrastructure portfolio, application servers, database etc.) after identifying the vision, goals and objectives of your organization. We have a strong and experienced team of RPA solution architects and developers. We provide end-to-end solution with strategic consulting throughout the process and extend all support for a smooth transition.

Key Services

Initiation and Planning

  • Process streamlining and enhancements.
  • Identifying and strategizing the key processes in the Oracle Application where RPA can be implemented.


  • Establishing the RPA pilot project into an existing system.
  • Scaling up of the RPA program to all the possible modules with robust solutions.

Go Live

  • Support and maintenance for a smooth transition.
  • Ensure that the processes are functioning and stable.

Top Use Cases

Human Resource (HR)

RPA can be used to automate processes such as Leave Application, Joining Formalities, Payroll Processes, preventing lot of manual documentation work.


Some of the most common and repetitive processes such as Invoice Validation, Invoice Matching, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Generating Cash Position reports can be automated using RPA.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

RPA processes the most repetitive tasks such as Price Management, Sales Business Intelligence, Customer Self-service, e-Billing, Customer Data Updation and Integration, Order Fulfilment etc.

Supply Chain and Logistics

RPA contributes to analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) by gathering information about business patterns and internal workings to reveal potential disruptions and bottlenecks.

Business Benefits

  • Faster benefit realization and minimal upfront investments.
  • With automation of repetitive manual processes, there is less human effort.
  • Saves considerable time by 50% – 80%.
  • Robots are 100% accurate thereby, increasing the efficiency, speed and productivity.
  • Highly scalable and adaptable to changing business environment.
  • High return on investment (ROI) which is achieved much faster.
  • Constant availability of robots overcoming human limitations.
  • Improving accuracy, consistency and reliability for better business performance.

Why RapidValue?

  • Certified RPA experts
  • Rich experience of working on enterprise automation projects
  • Partnership with leading industry players
  • Strong consulting team with deep domain expertise
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