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Our Story

Rajesh Padinjaremadam

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Our Story

When I founded this company in 2008, I knew that emerging technologies like Mobile & Cloud could change our lives for the better and transform the way enterprises work. My co-founders and I were inspired to change the world and we were determined to create something out of nothing.

Our motto was simple: Make a Difference. And do it fast.

We knew we were competing against well-known and established players. Accenture, Deloitte, Infosys and Cognizant to name a few.It didn’t frighten us. It made us stronger and honestly, it excited us. We were convinced we were better positioned to bring emerging technologies to enterprises way faster than some of the larger players. These technologies demanded a new way of thinking and doing – agile, fearless and lighting fast. We had a team that really embraced that way of working.

We believe that in order to change the world, we have to be better. And faster.
We grew from 3 co-founders to 450+ strong engineers and consultants, and we continue to grow as companies recognize the power of technology in their business. The evolution of technology is not just about implementing technology, but understanding the power of digital and how it can transform your business holistically. We’ve proven that we can compete head to head with some of the icons of the industry and we’re not slowing down any time soon.

Here are four tenets we run our business on:

1. Move Fast, Learn Fast

We live in a world of fast moving technologies. New concepts, new technologies and new methodologies are letting people and enterprises move faster than ever. We believe in pushing the limits and learning and implementing new technologies. We respect and value willingness to learn and move fast.

We believe in taking risks and embracing failures. We believe in working as a team through the good and the bad.

2. Be Visionary

Our headquarters is located 10 miles from some of the greatest technology companies on earth. Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla and Uber (to name a few). We are constantly tracking innovations, we see where the world is headed. This inspires us to not just be a technology implementation vendor, but to be a partner in our client’s success. It’s why we engage with our clients long term. And have significant impact to client’s business.

3. Punch above your weight class

We have a simple internal rule: Don’t let your job title define what you can’t do. Everyday we have team members stepping up and embracing new technologies and project challenges. Every single of our 450+ staff is capable and embraced to step up. Together, we make great products and help our clients take it to the next level.

4. Excellence 24/7

One of the best traits of our company is our ability to manage and execute projects with consistent rigor and discipline.

We believe that enterprise software users deserve a great user experience.

We believe that technology ultimately has to solve a business problem. We believe in building the most scalable architecture. We believe in writing beautiful and high quality code. The focus on excellence has helped us be better in every aspect.

In summary, I am excited about the future of RapidValue how we can empower our clients through their digital journeys.

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