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Performance Testing – The Sustainability Mantra of the Mobility World! (Part 1)


Application Performance Testing

The mobile app industry has been altering businesses across industries  for years now. Regardless of the business domain, everyone has started integrating the latest mobile application development technologies to garner maximum growth in order to reach the targeted audience.

The Crucial Role of Mobile App Performance

As of 2019, the number of apps on the Google Play Store exceeds 2 Mn and that on the Apple store stands at 1.83 Mn. Mobile app performance optimization can turn out to be a key differentiating factor here and companies should make it a priority to optimize their app’s performance first, as faster the app, the better the business.

Key Factors Affecting the Mobile App Performance

Performance is one of the factors that influence app quality that is important with regards to how it behaves while experiencing certain load and in various geographical conditions. Mobile app performance is a complex domain and includes some key components like:

  • Application design and complexity
  • Estimating the peak usage
  • Evaluating the resource utilization
  • User satisfaction

Application design and complexity is a very important thing which has a bigger impact on application performance. Currently, applications have become much more sophisticated and complex. The only way to prevent poor app performance is to expose your app development to implement the quality controls, processes early in the application development life cycle and fix the performance issues as early as possible.

In estimating the peak usage, you have to consider that the number of people accessing applications from a mobile device is increasing at a rapid pace which has a big impact on application performance. Peak usage is the maximum amount of concurrent users that are on a website within a certain time period. Load on a productive system is not constant over time, and that business activities cause statistical fluctuations as well as more systematic changes in the load distribution.

Resource utilization is the percentage of time occupied by the hardware components as compared to the total time that the component is available for use. Measuring and recording of utilization of the system resources like CPU, Memory and Disk Usage regularly can give you the idea about the performance of the app. The power and freedom of connected mobile continue to increase the expectations over the mobile apps.

Once the mobile app is installed, it is judged for various metrics like the speed, responsiveness, and stability which define the user experience and overall satisfaction. With mobile apps, while good performance can lead to satisfied user and app downloads, poor performance can result in quick app abandonment.

There are key strategies that will help you to improve performance, including content delivery networks (CDN) and software containers. Essentially, a CDN is a collection of connected cache servers across global data centers that keep content close to the geographical location of the person requesting the website. The result is the high availability of content.

The Need for Performance Testing Before Deployment

If an application goes into production without being tested, and if the end-user faces performance issues like a slow response, data unavailability etc., then the user is likely to find another application that provides better performance. The performance test evaluates the overall system performance measuring different metrics like response time, throughput and also measures the response time of all the crucial app elements. Performance testing also includes CPU usage testing and network usage testing and can be done as either system testing or integration testing.

Performance Testing

Performance engineering yields great return on investment for two reasons. Firstly, it reduces the need to rework and re-factor the application in later development cycles, and secondly, it results in an application that performs better precisely because performance was an early consideration and an integral part of the design.

Whether you are a designer, a coder, or a QA tester, system performance is now your responsibility.

Better Application Performance Facilitates Business Growth

Research has shown that nearly half of users expect web and mobile-based applications to load within 2 seconds. Measuring application performance allows you to observe how your customers are responding to your software and can help you gauge the speed, stability, and accuracy of your software. Furthermore, it can help you to get rid of any bugs and fixes necessary before you release it to the end-users. No matter how good the features are, the users tend to look for other options if it is not performing well or keeps crashing. Therefore, it is recommended not to skip performance testing.

The Key to Create High-quality App

Mobile app performance directly affects user retention rate, ratings, number of downloads, conversions, and ultimately, revenue.  Apps with slower performance or exhibit issues such as crashes or errors are abandoned by users after just two or three incidents. Whether a company has mobile apps as their primary business or as an added value service, they must take the performance and stability of the app and other user experience related functionality seriously. It is high time to understand the user experience, which is a result of the performance and stability of an app, but the metrics must be monitored from the user’s perspective.

This blog emphasizes on the importance and critical nature of Performance Testing. The second part of the blog that follows delves deeper and provides a real-life scenario where Performance Testing is implemented to tackle the issues in the client’s application and validate end-to-end performance.

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Graceson Alias
Software Engineer- Testing, RapidValue

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